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1/22/14 8:13 P

This is a perfect plan. No one really eats the same calorie amount day after day. There are higher days and lower days---and it averages out. Not weighing until Monday will give plenty of time for any excessive sodium intake (and resulting fluid retention) to return to normal as well. Do not weigh until Monday.

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

1/22/14 3:59 P

Yes, although I would caution against worrying about it too much and remember that you need to eat a little more if you are increasing your exercise. Weight loss and weight maintenance are about trends over time. Don't forget that you body weight fluctuates over time naturally.

1/22/14 3:48 P

I overate both Monday and Tuesday and between both days I only got 10 minutes of exercise. Is it possible that if I stay on the lower side of my nutritional guidelines and exercise everyday for an adequate amount of time, that when I weigh in on Monday that I will stay the same as I was on the 20th?

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