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1/26/13 9:28 A


Lots of good suggestions here. I wrote on this very subject in my Blog last week. Here are a few suggestions you might not have thought of:

1. Create a sleep routine. Sleep experts agree that going to bed at the same time every night, and getting up at the same time each morning helps most people get a better night's sleep.

2. Remove the TV from your bedroom. The blue light from the television has been shown to STIMULATE receptors in the brain that keep people alert.

3. Remove distractions from the bedroom. Anything that makes noise should be removed including computer tablets used for reading. If you like to read in bed, get a book.

4. Exercise earlier in the day. Exercise releases endorphins and other hormones which ramp up metabolism and stimulate the body for hours after exercise is over. While exercise relaxes some people, many people can't sleep after a good workout.

5. Create a pre-sleep routine. Turn off the television 1 hour before bedtime, brush your teeth, put on your pajamas, take a hot bath, whatever your routine is before sleep is to start. This gives your body time to wind down and prepare for sleep.

6. Stop all activity 90 minutes before sleep is to start. No phone calls, no computer, no paperwork, no dishes, no laundry, whatever. Stop all distractions and give yourself permission to relax. Stop worrying about everything and switch your mind off. You've done a full day's work. Now it's time for you. Don't sweat it, it'll still be there tomorrow and that's okay.

7. Create a good sleeping environment. Make sure your bed is comfortable. Use comfortable pillows. If your pillows are more than 3 years old, toss them away. They are probably full of alergens anyway. Get fresh pillows and wash the sheets at least every 2 weeks. Nothing promotes sleep like "clean sheet day!"

8. Have a comfortable mattress. A lumpy worn out mattress can make sleep difficult and uncomfortable.

9. Don't eat before you sleep. Food is energy. If you want something before you sleep try natural foods that also act as sleep aids. Herbal teas, cherries and cherry juice have all bee shown to relax the body and help induce sleep.

I hope these ideas help. Give them a try. I sleep like a baby.

TRYINGHARD54 Posts: 5,292
1/26/13 8:10 A

have no lights on at all.. read a good book till your sleepy...dont lay in bed wide awake.
get up, watch a little TV....I have this problem to at times. I can get to sleep, but I'll wake up in the early morning hours..cant get back to sleep. good luck.. great suggestions here. hope something works for you.

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1/26/13 8:03 A

I have an app on my iPad called isleep space it let's you set many sounds plus nature sounds if you like and alpha, beta waves etc. it is exceptional.

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1/25/13 9:56 A

I saw on Dr. Oz a sleep expert and he recommended Magnolia Bark tablets. I just took my first one last night and I slept great. All natural. Hope it helps.

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1/25/13 7:00 A

try a warm bath with lavender or some chamomile tea

lots of people swear by melatonin (it does nothing for me)

here's a WebMD article on natual sleep aids

there are also some Spark Teams for the sleep deprived. I'm a member of this one

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1/25/13 6:28 A

Try taking a hot bath with some over the counter sleeping pills for the first few nights just to get your body back to sleeping at night.

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1/25/13 6:13 A

In order to change your internal clock you need to start to change patterns by adding or subtracing 10 minutes....if you go to bed to early, add 10 minutes every week until you get to a reasonable wake up time. The converse if you go to bed late and still wake up early.

Lots of good articles on Spark People regarding sleeping.

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1/25/13 5:47 A

I get to sleep fine, it's the waking up around 4:30 (body clock) that's killing me. It's hard to function when you don't get enough sleep.

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1/25/13 5:10 A

I find myself so tired at 9pm I can't keep my eyes open, then I wake 3-4 and toss the rest of the night. I make myself stay in bed for 8 hours even if I haven't slept. If you can't sleep the next best thing is rest.

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1/25/13 2:15 A

as usual

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1/25/13 2:11 A

same problem here!

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1/24/13 11:32 P

Sucks, I know been on prednisone since Christmas,back to the Dr tomorrow,this asthma flare up is really kicking my butt,grrr.hope all sleep well soon.Have a nice night.

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1/24/13 10:50 P

Oh yea DIDS70: That could very well be it!! I haven't been eating healthy at all and my life has been kinda unpredictable the last few days Hopefully things will settle down soon---and I can get my diet and exercise routine down pat--

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1/24/13 8:34 A

I have found that sleeping pills don't work anyway. it is not real sleep. Now this may sound funny and wierd, but you may want to really look at your diet. If you are eating a lot of processed foods and sugar, that will certainly keep you awake. The other thing is exercise. If you are not getting enough, your body will not get the rest it needs. I would really look at what you are putting in your mouth every day and get more exercise. I exercise and eat clean daily and I have been getting awesome sleep. I wake rested and full of energy and ready to go.

Of course if it persists, you may want to see your doctor.

TCCAGLE Posts: 757
1/24/13 8:09 A

Help!!! I haven't been able to sleep at night for going two weeks, I have been going to sleep at about 5am and sleeping till noon and then that night I can't get to sleep until the wee hours of the morning again!! and the pattern keeps repeating. And even to get to sleep at around 5 am I take a Goody PM to get to sleep then!!! I went to bed at around 3:00 this morning and I have tossed and turned and slept very lightly probably all together about 3 hrs at the most- I just got up at 7:00 this morning, I am just going to try and make myself stay up today and hopefully I will sleep tonight!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr------Does anybody else have this problem?? and any suggestions on what to do about it?? I have decided to quit taking Goody PMs I don't think it is good to take them to sleep as often as I have been taking them---

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