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CINDYLOOHOO57 Posts: 126
4/25/14 1:00 P

Missruth, you are right, I often leave the veggies off my tracker. I do, however, know I should eat more raw vegetables. I have a sweet tooth, and thought I had been pretty good with portion control on these. If I deny myself any, then I have a tendency to feel sorry for myself...... and then all sense of common sense goes out the window!

Becky, I will take your advice and ask my endo for a referral to a dietician. Eating more protein and fewer carbs is such a life style change for me, I think I would benefit from seeing a professional. Thanks so much for your help!

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,299
4/25/14 7:55 A

I agree with Becky.

I took a quick peek at your food Tracker.... and I see a dearth of low-starch vegetables (maybe you don't track those?) and just about every day, cookies or candy or ice cream. If you eat around 1200 calories a day... I'd suggest they ought to be good, solid, nutritious choices and not 200 calories (or more) of "treats". The way I look at it, a treat is something I might add, after I've already eaten to the bottom of my calorie range in healthy choices. The thing is-- even a small, sedentary woman requires around 1200 calories in good choices, in order to get the carbs/fat/protein, plus vitamins and minerals her body needs to function properly (think... keeping the heart beating, lungs working, brain functioning, digestive system doing what it does, kidneys working, hair and nails growing, skin making new cells etc.). When we eat at a deficit, it's still important to provide basic good nutrition to our bodies.

4/24/14 7:57 P

Most endocrinologist work closely with a Registered Dietitian and/or Certified Diabetes Educator. This person is the professional who takes the diagnosis, looks at your personal goals, lifestyle, exercise plan, work, medical needs, etc---and helps you to create a plan to meet your personal and medical goals. From the info you are sharing,--- this site, our experts and our members can not help you with your meal planning needs since this requires a complete nutrition assessment and medical nutrition therapy. Please talk to your endo and ask for a referral to see the dietitian or diabetes educator.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

PACAROLSUE SparkPoints: (4,521)
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Posts: 487
4/24/14 7:04 A

I would look to see where you are getting your carbs. Get more from fruits and vegetables and less from starchy foods. Starchy carbs seem to land around the waist.

Some people just seem to carry their weight more around their mid-section. Cardio should help with that. Do what you can. I know it's hard when you have physical limitations.

If your BMI is in the normal range, you might not have to lose...

LULUBELLE65 SparkPoints: (37,106)
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4/24/14 4:59 A

I would let go of the number on the scale and use the tape measure. Add some core work outs, and some strength training, and see how your body reacts.

VAINVT Posts: 8,690
4/23/14 7:50 A

1200 calories is below what SP recommends for me, and I am 5' 3", 120 pounds. Is it within your range? If not, and if you love fruit, why not add a healthy fruit...

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
4/23/14 7:44 A

it's high protein that's a problem with kidney issues, not high carb. because of the lower protein the diets i have seen for kidney issues are higher in carbs.

CINDYLOOHOO57 Posts: 126
4/22/14 9:48 P

I have heard before from others on SP that I might not be eating enough. The problem is, what to eat without adding more carbs? My endo said if I want to lose weight, stick to 100 carbs, 150 for maintenance . Because she says I have metabolic syndrome, I feel like I should be careful. I have never been able to get even close to 100 carbs. The fewest I feel like I can live with is somewhere around 150. I guess focusing on strengthening my core will help me achieve what I am looking for, but I also want to do damage to my kidneys etc by eating too many carbs!

Thank you all for your help!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/22/14 9:26 P

If it's your tummy area, focus on tightening your core. Your core is your transversis abdominus and rectis abdominus that you need to tone. This a problem area for a lot of women. These are not your obliques. Toning and tightening these muscles do not involve crunches.

Think of your core as a corset. The tighter your core (corset), the tighter your tummy is drawn in. You will naturally begin to hold in your tummy all the time via the tightened muscles.

Pilates exercises are the best for this (and some yoga). Look on youtube for a ton of free pilates (core) exercises to do.

If you continue to concentrate on losing 5 could very well lose that from all over your body - which includes your arms, your back, your neck, your calves, etc.

Or you could concentrate on toning you core, and lose an inch from your tummy.

Your choice.

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MARTHA324 Posts: 6,085
4/22/14 9:07 P

you might not be eating enough! Go too low and you metabolism will slow down to protect you. When I started at 80 pounds to lose I set my calorie goal at 2,000/day and lost weight.

4/22/14 9:02 P

I am surprised that your endo is encouraging weight loss and only 100 grams of carb daily when you are already at a healthy BMI.

Perhaps the focus would be better placed on exercise/toning, strength training or an interval type workout???


CINDYLOOHOO57 Posts: 126
4/22/14 8:58 P

5 ft 4. I know i am at a good BMI. But I can't seem to get rid of my thick middle. That's why I would like to lose 5 lbs

4/22/14 8:38 P

What is your height?
Your SP Registered Dietitian

CINDYLOOHOO57 Posts: 126
4/22/14 6:43 P

Fitgirl, what are HIIT exercises?

Thanks everyone for your ideas!

FITGIRL15 Posts: 5,533
4/22/14 3:55 P

It's amazing how quickly you can lose weihght when you cut calories... but it's not long-lasting because you cannot limit your calorie intake forever (or eventually you couldn't eat anything because your metabolism would be so slow!)

I would suggest incorporating some HIIT exercise sessions in to ramp UP your metabolism.

Also, eating 1200 calories (which is pretty low) for a long period of time can definitely have an impact on your metabolism... maybe that you have already be supressed it because of this.

MARION-S Posts: 1,846
4/22/14 3:32 P

CINDY, try adding a serving of a healthy fat to your breakfast: peanut butter (nut butters), avocado, nuts, low fat cheese, olives, olive oil and maybe a little more protein.
Spread your carbs out to 40-45 per meal and 2 snacks @ 15 grams and always with some non carb foods.

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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/22/14 2:00 P

The less you have to lose...the longer it takes to lose it. That's just how it is.

I'm seeing about 2 pounds a months - and I"m fine with that. Even 1 1/2 a month is fine with me.

Yeah, I could go jogging everyday and lose a smidge faster...if I really, really wanted to. But I don't.

Another 3 pounds isn't really gonna do much for me a this point. What is 5 pounds gonna do for you? Get you into a smaller pair of shorts? Nope. Or is just a psychological number to you?

Try focusing on toning up your body via exercise (like pilates). You might be able to "lose" 1/2 an inch off of your circumference = smaller clothes, which would provide greater benefit than losing 5 pounds (which might provide an 1/8 of an inch loss, if that).

CINDYLOOHOO57 Posts: 126
4/22/14 1:46 P

I have been pretty consistently tracking my food & exercise since February. When I go to the "calorie differential over time" report, I can see that i am eating an average of about 1200 calories give or take. I am also in a deficit of calories because of my exercising. I have a bad hip. so I am not able to exercise as much as I would like, but I have been pretty consistently either riding my stationary bike or walking. I have only lost 2 lbs, that may be overstating it because the scale I started out wasn't accurate. I am now 129.6, but would love to get to 125. Does anyone have any suggestions? My endo suggests eating only 100 carbs, but I can't seem to get to that ,but for the most part, I am able to keep my carbs to 150. I love fruit, and really miss it. Any suggestions? I am getting very frustrated!

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