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2/6/14 11:51 P

It's the rolls of fat that have me upset, mostly.

2/6/14 10:17 P

Im dying, I mean Im so disappointed of myself because in almost a year of hard working and something like eating healthy i lost like 10 pounds and of course i become more active but i tried every single day to track my food, i was doing pretty good and started feeling better about myself i have never loved so much my body but in the last 6 months my mother lost her job and also my sister that's when i realized that i started gaining back that pounds and lost a little motivation, of course i have to cook my own food and i feel that they are trying to make me eat more and make fun of me "you dont eat" "that food must taste awful" why dont you eat sugar or salt of course they are being so dramatic, they become fatter these lasts months and definitely i think they are "food pushers" i still eating healthy trying to watch my portions and exercising regularly... i must confess that i have been dealing with some eating issues i just need help and cant tell this to anyone in my family please help
plus that ... i know it all depends on how much i want to loose my fat but i would love some support of my mother at least ...whatever i know this is so bad but since a month ago approx I have developed a bad habit that consists in waking up during the night and I just go to the kitchen and eat whatever is in the fridge things like baked beans, vegetable pizza, pupusas, mostly fried beans and then go back to sleep i need to stop this !!!

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2/6/14 10:09 P

If you don't have symptoms associated with a food sensitivity, then very likely you have none!

Out of curiosity, why are you "fixed" on a goal of 131? I realize you said you used to be down there.... your body may have decided you ARE at your goal weight though. Perhaps if you focus on Maintenance for awhile--purposefully staying at the 138, then in a few months (as the winter blahs leave, and outside exercise becomes a way of Life again) step up your program and see what happens....

By the way, I'm one of those 'stuck' at 5'2"/144 lb. (part of it has been medically limited exercise of late...) I asked my new Doc (who specializes in us 60 yr olds...) what an appropriate weight would be for me. His answer surprised me: If your body is allowing you to do the things you want to...if it doesn't "get in the way" bending over, biking, walking, etc;...then you are probably just fine and don't worry so much about the number. Hmmmm...hadn't thought of it that way! But yes, I'm still working on getting a few more pounds off too... Patience & Perseverence = fewer Pounds! All the Best, patti

2/6/14 9:20 P

What is your opinion on food sensitivity? Dr Oz mentioned weight gain when there's a food sensitivity.

I drink almond milk, but yogurt, etc is regular dairy. I don't have other symptoms of being allergic to gluten or dairy.

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2/6/14 8:38 P

I am in the same boat as you. I have gained and lost the same 5 lbs for 2 years now. what happens is I eat and track my diet really good, do cardio, lift weights, interval training and I will lose up to 4lbs and then it stalls. I am 5 5' 148lbs. I cannot ever seem to get below 148 and it discourages me because I want to be in the 130's And even now for the past 2 weeks I have been doing cardio, weights, eating protein, veggies, very clean diet at about 1300 calories and the scale will not budge! I wish someone could tell us the magic secret.

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2/6/14 6:17 P

I really suspect that measuring your food is going to make a big difference. You cut out snacks and increased exercise, so you are probably at least a little hungry, a lot of the time. When you're hungry, food actually looks much smaller. Specifically, you mentioned peanut butter and said you have "probably 2 tablespoons." Peanut butter is a perfect example of a food that surprises you when you weigh/measure it. What looks like 2 T could very well be 1/4c. A quarter cup looks pretty reasonable as a serving size if you have 8 apple slices to spread it on-- but it's giving you 180 extra calories. That's not a problem normally, because it's a pretty nutritious food, but when you're trying to lose weight, that's going to slow you way down. If you're also putting a little more dressing than you think on the salad and eating a large banana when you think it's medium, it starts to add up. At your age and size, the difference between the minimum you have to eat to stay healthy and the maximum you can eat and still lose weight is TINY, so one or two minor misjudgements a day can block weight loss.

And as others have pointed out, you're technically at a healthy weight already. That doesn't mean you shouldn't or can't lose some, but it does mean that your weight loss probably won't follow "the rules." It's going to take a lot longer for a 5'3" woman to go from 139 to 130 than for a 5'8" man to go from 210 to 201. All pounds are not created equal; the lower ones are tough and mean.

2/6/14 5:49 P

Never had my fat tested but if you can pinch an inch? I'll check at my gym for that offer.

I normally am active during the day. Standing to answer this message :) Doing an extra 30 minutes each day to walk the dog.

I've not changed my cardio routine except to up the time and intensity. I have the elliptical at home so it's very convenient, Once the 10" of snow is gone and the temperatures are warmer I'll have to get on my bike.

I've got dvd's of yoga. Would that be a good substitute? Yoga Burn, Power yoga about 50 minutes long.

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2/6/14 2:21 P

I understand the frustration. Your BMI is 24.4 (upper end of normal, but normal!) You work out so figure that some of that is muscle. I'd say you're in good shape - but everyone has their own idea about what their best shape is.

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2/6/14 1:38 P

Have you ever had your body fat tested to know how close you are to the healthy range? Most gyms offer this test for a small fee, and that would be a better indicator of health vs. a number on the scale.

Do you try to stay active throughout the day (aside from exercise) or do you spend a lot of time sitting? Do you change your exercise routine regularly? Have you thought about incorporating other cardio activities besides the elliptical?

Coach Jen

2/6/14 1:16 P

Honestly, it isn't all about the pounds. I have rolls of fat on my back ( bra fat) and muffin top issues, belly fat divided by my waist. Things I used to wear are tighter.

I think I'd be ok with what ever the scale says if most of the rolls would just go away. I don't intend to be skinny just not have rolls all over.

How do I concentrate on just fat? I read the article about burning calories versus fat, but I'm still confused.

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2/6/14 12:24 P

Your BMI is already in the "normal" range, and if you've been lifting heavy weights (great job by the way!) it could be that you're already at a pretty ideal weight.

A better measurement for you may be body fat %, rather than trying to lose pounds.

2/6/14 12:10 P

I track my food in a "lose it" program. Something my husband had to do for insurance purposes. I can scan a bar code, it'll pick up the calorie count and I put in the amount of servings.
Although, I'm not strict on measuring, I'm pretty sure the count is nearly ok. But, I'll start measuring my food.
But, it's frustrating, I used to eat a snack sometime after dinner or not so good stuff between meals and I've stayed at the same weight. Absolutely no change. Except, I am getting stronger and can stay on the elliptical alot longer with out a break.

I used to be a weight training instructor at the Y before moving. I love it, and I'm pretty sure I push the limit. go for the burn, keep raising the weight, going to exertion. I prefer free weights and I've been bench pressing 95 lbs, bicep curl 20 lbs as examples.

the elliptical gives me intervals from level 1 to level 8.

thanks for helping

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2/6/14 9:33 A

Personally, I'd suggest the first thing to do would be to track all your food in the Nutrition Tracker here on Spark. Weigh and measure what you're eating, so you can get an accurate picture of how many calories etc you intake per day. And then also track your exercise using the Fitness Tracker, so you can see how many calories you're burning.

If you create a Spark page, and choose to share your Food & Fitness Trackers, you will get more specific suggestions of changes to make.

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2/6/14 9:28 A

are you tracking your food and eating in your range? have you considered shortening your elliptical workout and adding intervals? or a different activity altogether? do you use weights that are appropriately challenging? do you use free weights?

2/6/14 9:20 A

I've been working on this since September 2013, weight training 2X a week. increased my elliptical work out to 60 minutes and at level 4 now level 5 since beginning of December. I eat breakfast, usually an egg, 1 piece of whole grain toast , banana, oranges slices 1 cup of coffee 2 tablespoons of creamer. lunch is usually a salad, sometimes leftovers maybe a half of a turkey sandwich. I don't make high fat or fried meals. I don't eat anything after dinner. I don't have baked items or chips around the house. I'll grab an apple with some peanut butter probably 2 tablespoons. I drink water, no soda or juices. I don't know what else I can do. I've been 138- 139 pounds for over a year. And that's up from 131 for a year before that. I've been exercising in some sort of way walking or the elliptical for 2 years before upping the intensity. I'm 61 years old, 5 ft 3 inches tall. Can you help? Any suggestions?

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