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KATREENI Posts: 2,643
3/16/10 6:10 P

thanks for the input!! that helps a little :)

3/16/10 4:20 P

with corned beef, you can have a great deal of water/fluid loss when cooking. I checked the USDA food data base:

3 ounces cooked = 213 calories (same as Sparkpeople)
3 ounces raw = 168 calories


NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
3/16/10 4:19 P

check out to see if they have a more explicit definition of what is included.
my guess is that spark's cooked also includes some sort of cooking fat, which your raw does not.
there is also variety in most things. and spark sometimes uses a generic average, and that can run high, especially if you make it a point to choose better foods, rather than whatever you grab first.

i've had baked potatoes go down 30% in weight when i bake them. they still have the same amount of calories, but they lose a lot of water.

OPUSEVA Posts: 1,334
3/16/10 4:19 P

I think you've already got it. The packaged brisket has water added, and the net result is fewer calories per ounce. I suspect that your 2 lb (?) package will net out with about a 1 lb piece of cooked meat.

KATREENI Posts: 2,643
3/16/10 4:06 P

Can anyone explain to me the difference in calories in meat between raw vs cooked??

For example, tomorrow I'm cooking corned beef and cabbage for St. Patty's day. When I try to enter it into my tracker, SP lists the calories for 4oz of corned beef brisket as 284; my package of corned beef says 4 oz has 130 calories. I'm thinking it's because the SP calories is cooked, and the package calories is uncooked... but why such a drastic difference??? I know some of the water, fat, etc is lost in the meat during cooking and it shrinks some, but I'm having a hard time understanding the large difference in calories.

If anyone could help I woudl greatly appreciate it!!! Thanks!!!

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