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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/26/14 9:08 A

Ok - I'm just gonna touch on this that Russel wrote - because for some reason the way the initial post is written is confusing me ... not enough tea yet??

"the idea that you can maintain 140, while not exercising, means that if you just add 350 calories burned a day, you should see about 1 lb every 10 days in weight loss. "

Cardio will do the most - with one or two strength training days thrown in.

If you don't want to go in public - go to youtube. Every exercise is there for free - every level, different instructors.

Examples include - but there are so many more, just search for keywords:

Cardio - Leslie Sansome in home walking (yes you can walk in your living room) 1, 2, 3 mile walks.

Cardio - Fun Zumba Socca Dance

Cardio - Denise Austin Total Burn Cardio Dance

Cardio - Latin Dance Fitness

Strength & Cardio - Hot Yoga & Vinayasa Yoga..... If you know yoga if not....

Strength - Beginner Yoga

Strength - Pilates

Strength - Total Body Strength

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
3/26/14 8:50 A

Correct me if I am wrong, but aside from the calorie increase, you now count your exercise as the hour of walking you do as chores? Didn't you do that before, while dancing in your room for an hour at a time?

Since the walking was done before, it isn't exercise, but daily activities, but more importantly, isn't a replacement for the calories you burned dancing. You burn the same calories doing chores that you did when losing, but instead of burning hundreds of calories dancing.. yo have replaced THAT exercise with NOTHING.

So don't blame the increased calories until you resume burning the calories you did from dancing. You may find that that makes all the difference. The idea that you can maintain 140, while not exercising, means that if you just add 350 calories burned a day, you should see about 1 lb every 10 days in weight loss.

You have increased calories IN, because you need a certain amount for basic nutrition, and this is a good thing. Make sure you don't reduce the calories OUT at the same time. If you upped calories by 400, and cut the 400 calories you did by dancing, it is like adding 800 calories. Resume the dancing, or equivalent exercise, and you may lose while eating the extra 400 calories.

If you are short on time, do more intense workouts. Take a spinning class. Another option is make exercise a social event. Get some friends to go to a Zumba class with you, and combine time with them with exercise. Or join a sports league, and combine your social time, and exercise playing volleyball, baseball, or basketball.. whatever sport you like.

Since you are eating the bare minimum, dropping calories in diet is not an option, so increasing exercise is the only option. That, and a little patience. Good Luck.

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3/25/14 5:41 P

I'm between 5'2 and 5'3. So would u suggest I just do a short 30 minute strength training routine, or do I also do cardio along with it?

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3/25/14 5:35 P

The good thing about weight loss is that as long as you eat at a deficit, it will happen (though not nearly as fast as we would like). That is, until you get to a point where you're at a healthy weight for your body type (which may be different than your "goal" weight).

How tall are you because if you're taller than 5'-4" or so, you're already at a healthy weight. At that point it becomes more about changing your size rather than changing your weight (two different things!). This is accomplished through strength training. A simple, quick routine would be to do pushups, squats, and pull ups. "Body by You" by Mark Lauren is a great resource for body weight strength training with zero extra equipment. My full body routine takes under 30 minutes. That's 6 songs on my phone and I'm done. Your weight is not tattooed on your forehead so you don't need to focus on a specific number.

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3/25/14 5:26 P

Hi Guys,
I am currently 140 pounds and I want to reach a goal weight of 125 pounds (hopefully by mid-may, although I'm not so keen on the duration). Since the beginning of february I have lost about 16 pounds (from 156 pounds to 140 pounds), with a good control on my diet (including a cheat meal once a week, or sometimes more than once) and exercise. During the last two months, I used to limit my calories to about 900-1000 a day; however, since then I have read that having such a low calorie intake is detrimental to my health. Hence since the past week I have been trying to increase my calorie intake. Although, I am really worried about how this will affect my weight. For two weeks my weight has been almost constant, and I am worried this may be due to my increased calorie intake. Also previously I used to do 10 minutes of pilates a day and an hour of cardio (just dancing in my room, I am self-conscious and wouldn't like to go to the gym). But now, I have changed my workout to mainly walking, because I am just not that motivated to work out for an hour anymore, and I don't look at walking like it's an exercise. Also I can't give much extra time to exercise anymore (walking is incorporated in my daily chores, eg. going to the grocery store, etc. ) because I am a university student and I have finals soon, till mid-may.

How would u guys suggest I lose weight? (I hope you guys don't tell me to completely avoid outside food, because I am a HUGE foodie, and I just CAN'T avoid the occasional trip to a restaurant)

EDIT: I now consume between 1250-1500 calories (averaged at about 1350)

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