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SUNSHINE603 Posts: 23
4/23/13 5:55 P

thank you everyone for your input and help! :)

ELENGIL Posts: 957
4/23/13 5:27 P

Simonekp, you're right! I must have typoed something when I input that previously. I just checked again and yes, it's coming out between 120 and 180 for 3-4oz. That brings the total down to closer to 500 calories, which for a single meal lunch is really good.

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4/23/13 5:17 P

Take out the string cheese and the walnuts and you still have yourself a healthy lunch. Save the string cheese and walnuts for a snack when you need one.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
4/23/13 5:15 P

Calories on the chicken are too high if you're not eating the skin, rotisserie chicken without the skin is about 57 calories per ounce so 171 (3oz) or 228 (4oz) calories. if eating with the skin it's about 73 calories per ounce so 219 (3oz) or 292 (4oz).

SUNSHINE603 Posts: 23
4/23/13 4:51 P

YIKES! 300 calories for 3-4 oz. of rotisserie chicken breast meat???

thanks for your help -- I'd better worry about getting to the gym before getting my computer fixed!! No wonder I am not losing any weight! I thought I was being healthy with that for lunch! Thank you!

ELENGIL Posts: 957
4/22/13 1:16 P

Some of your measurements didn't translate directly to what spark has (i.e. sunflower seeds could be measured in cups, grams, etc, but not tsps) so I had to put some estimates and guesses in, but I came up with an average of about 670 calories for what you've laid out there.

Here are the numbers I used:

62cal 1 small apple
72cal 1/4 avocado
11cal 3 strawberries
80cal 1 piece string cheese
20cal 1/2 tsp sunflower seeds
92cal 5-7 pieces walnuts
40cal 5-7 slices of canned beets
300cal 3-4 oz. rotisserie chicken breast meat

SUNSHINE603 Posts: 23
4/22/13 12:51 P

can someone please help me out? my computer's acting up and keeps crashing. I'm trying to look up calorie count for a tasty little "salad" that I've been making myself to bring to work for lunch. It consists of the following:
1 small apple
1/4 avocado
3 strawberries
1 piece string cheese
1/2 tsp sunflower seeds
5-7 pieces walnuts
5-7 slices of canned beets
3-4 oz. rotisserie chicken breast meat

thank you!!!

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