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RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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Posts: 3,116
3/15/13 1:25 P

Great ideas here. Thank you one and all.

LIBBYL1 Posts: 5,933
3/14/13 11:18 P

Yum! never thought of roasting it (used it in soups, stir fries etc and of course salad) - but am going to try today! Thanks

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
3/12/13 9:53 A

That sounds so good! Believe it or not, I always used the coleslaw mix for coleslaw, until last year I saw my sister add it to veggie soup, I was amazed! and she says " uuuhhh, I use it for all kinds of things" I do too!
I`m kinda slow , but when I learn something useful I retain it!

SUNGIRL822 Posts: 1,350
3/6/13 3:04 P

I've done the cabbage foil pack by hungry girl yum!!

ZELDA13 SparkPoints: (79,833)
Fitness Minutes: (26,215)
Posts: 3,497
3/5/13 1:38 P

I like that idea. I often have it and add it to various soups and sauces but never tried baking it like that. The best part is the super easy clean up!

POPSECRET SparkPoints: (83,860)
Fitness Minutes: (98,918)
Posts: 2,163
3/3/13 5:39 P

Yum! Sometimes for lunch I'll put that cabbage or the bagged "broccoli slaw" in a wrap with hummus. :) It's nice and easy to just throw in my lunchbox and assemble when it's time.

PQUARANTA SparkPoints: (341)
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3/3/13 3:03 P

I just made the best lunch. I put 2 cups of that bagged coleslaw mix in tin foil and added sm red potato with onion and garlic and some red pepper. Put in oven at 400 for 30 mins. Wow so good and its only 130 calories. Such a cheap meal 99 cents for coleslaw and potato 50 cents. Love easy stuff like that. I am not a good cook so some times i surprise myself. You can put other veggies in it to. Found this on Hungry Girl web site but she used brusselle sprouts that is good to. But i find some of her recipes are high in sodium trying to stay away from that. Everyone have a nice day. emoticon

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