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6/3/12 7:08 A

Oh honey I feel you!! I too am trying very hard to loose my pooch after my c-section. It stinks! I have been doing a bunch of ab work that targets lower abs like reverse crunches, flutter kicks, knee ins, etc. I am not having much luck. My lower belly still looks like a balloon has deflated and all that extra skin and fat just flops over my pants waist line. It gets me down and because of it I don't dare get in a bathing suit. One dvd that I absolutely love (and can truly feel the next day) is Brooke Burke's dvd. It has an awesome abs section. My abs hurt for days after doing it just once. But for now I am just going to keep eating right, getting in some cardio and ST and working on my abs 3 days a week (remember you don't want to overtrain). I truly wish you the best of luck and if you find something that works let me know!!! :)

6/2/12 8:54 P

To help tone this area---have you checked out any of Coach Nicole's abdominal workouts here at the SP fitness center.

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6/2/12 4:32 P

Exercise doesn't target fat in that way.

Unfortunately, often the only recourse for a stubborn problem area, if you've achieved a healthy bodyfat percentage and great look elsewhere on your body, is surgery.

6/2/12 4:20 P

having had a c-section several years ago i have found that losing my lower tummy very difficult. is there any particular excerside or strengthing exercise that will help move this.

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