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6/8/10 5:24 A

I didn't start using free weights until two years ago and I'm 58 years old now. I am amazed at the muscle that I have been able to develop. I normally use 20 or 25 pound dbs with an occasional 30. I can go higher with barbells.

I meet with my pt only once every five weeks now but I credit him with getting me to use free weights and NEVER letting me use age as an excuse..and there were more than a few times that I tried in the past.

I am delighted with results and only wish that I had started sooner. I try to encourage younger women to st because it would be far easier for them and I think their muscle would respond even better.
But it's hard to get past that "if I lift, I will turn into a muscle bound heman" mentality.


6/8/10 12:21 A

Over 65 here, and I am enjoying the results I am getting with lifting weights. Just wish I had started years ago. I use 20 pound dumbbells for the standing overhead press, seated row at 67 pounds for example. Only thing I have trouble doing is anything where I have to stand on one leg because balance issues due to a stroke 15 years ago.

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5/18/10 2:15 P

I am 54 and I strength train 3 days a week. I lift 7, 10 and 15 lbs. I can see how my body is toned and I love it. So keep on strength training and you will see results........ emoticon

5/18/10 1:14 P

Just as an addendum to this thread, some years ago a study was done with people in nursing homes involving weight training. The subjects ranged in age from 68 to 83. In six weeks working out three times a week all made measurable gains in strength and coordination. I will have to search out the specific study. There is also a YouTube of a grandmother competing in weight lifting contests.

5/18/10 10:12 A

I started strength training 2 years ago when I was 48. I have been working on and off with a trainer which has helped me with what to lift (how heavy) reps, routine etc. I now have "girl" guns and calf muscles! ha I try to pull the age card on him when I think he is having me do something to difficult but he always trumps me! Age doesn't matter when you are lifting unless you really have physical limitations! Keep working out, perhaps try lifting with heavier weights but keep at it!

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5/18/10 9:45 A

I only started strength training in my 50s. It makes a world of difference. I had to start very light, with 2 or 3 lb weights, and still can not go above 5 lb., but it really helps both in weight loss, toning, and functional strength. Today I was able to open my new box of Cheerios' inner-wrapper without needing scissors!

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5/18/10 9:30 A

I'm gaining ground on 50 myself. *sigh* I strength train regularly. I feel it's made a substantial difference in my health and fitness as I've aged. sigh again.

Coach Nancy is quite correct, women in their fifties will benefit from strength training just as much as a woman in her twenties. So, if you're already strength training, keep it up. don't stop. I'm convinced that having more lean muscle can off set some of the symptoms of menopause.

At least, that's what I'm hoping ! LOL !!

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5/17/10 10:40 P


Strength training for older individuals does not vary much from what younger individuals can do. You may have to use a lighter weight, but as far as type of exercises are concerned they're pretty much the same.

I hope this helps!

5/17/10 9:53 P

Does anyone, out there have any advice on how to maintain and/or build muscle as a woman over 50. I am in fairly good shape and have worked out for over 20 years. Now I am facing the challenge of the natural muscle loss we experience as we get older. HELP!!

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