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5/3/13 11:07 A

I opted for implants because I only needed two. If I needed more I would have gone with the implanted dentures. They put in some screws and your dentures snap on the screws.

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5/3/13 7:11 A

I have dental implants and love them. If you can get a payment plan from your dentist, I would go with the implants as bridges wear down and need to be replaced over time. I got my dental implants when I was 32 and at 49 they are still great. I have 3 more to go in this year.

My Mom has a full set of uppers and 75% lowers -- all implants.

TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
5/3/13 6:18 A

I have a bridge -- no implants or dentures

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
5/3/13 6:13 A

I had a very similar story as yours and was always embarrassed about my teeth. I finally broke down and got dentures on my uppers. I love my "teeth" now and am glad I made the decision. I must say, if I could afford it, I would try implants.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
5/3/13 2:34 A

I have one implant (a premolar) due to having been born with a missing adult tooth in that location. The baby tooth lasted until I was 30 and then it'd had enough. I am glad I got the implant instead of a bridge because a bridge would have meant I had to get crowns on the teeth in front of and behind the space with the missing tooth. I would definitely opt for more implants in the future if I had to pick implants vs dentures. If you get implants, be prepared that you will really need to be diligent with the brushing and flossing otherwise you can end up needing them removed.

AGLENDA Posts: 2,912
5/2/13 9:55 P

I have implants and I love them. I recognize that they are not my natural teeth but they are the next best thing

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5/2/13 9:52 P

i have to fo to the denteist soom for my cleaning and the convrsation is going to come back up. I have avoided this for about 4 months but my inner adult knows that for my health i need to face it. I am "lucky" because ido not geel teeth pain. Some people get a little cavity and they are in massive pain, even a couple days after it is fixed. i do not feel it until parts of my tooth chipped out or rotted away. so my teeth are in bad shape. and pain is not an option.

Originally the plan was that i would get a couple bridges. but i avoided it and it and the tooth broke so it cant be a bridge. i will now need to get either an implant or ..partial dentures. As an option it was suggested that the put a few extra that not in the best of health and maybe end up with full dentures. i am only 35 and i am terrified of not having real teeth the rest of my life.

Has anyone else faced an issue with implants or dentures?

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