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ECHO81 Posts: 637
11/18/08 2:18 P

I try to buy things in bulk like meat when they are on sale and freeze them for future use. When Smiths/Kroger in other areas has boneless/skinless chicken breast on sale for 1.99 lb I buy a couple packages because I don't know when they will be on sale again. Pork loin roast is another option (if you eat pork that is) lower in fat and calories then most beef and a change from poultry. I buy one on sale and put it in the crock pot over night with garlic, onion, salt and pepper and cook till fork tender. I normally get about three or four meals out of it and I pay 8 to 10 dollars for the roast.Its great with veggies and potatoes or you can put BBQ sauce on it for yummy sandwiches.

For fruits and veggies sometimes local farmers markets are a great option since it's normally cheaper then a grocery store, if you have one near you. If you get grocery store adds in the mail look over the sales and make a list before you go to the store. I find I spend less when I go with one and I always shop the perimeter of the store first, less temptation to buy stuff I don't really need. I'm in the same boat as you right now just minus having a child so I have had to make our food dollar stretch. You can cut the bill down it just takes some creativity and planning.

STEELER74386 Posts: 1,115
11/18/08 1:04 P

i agree with lin bout the leftovers. what kind of foods do u buy? if you buy like alot of steak and red meat that is expensive. try to like cut down on that by getting chicken or ground turkey. (perdue either the 99% fat free or 15% fat. its great for turkeyballs and turkeyloaf. plus it is alot more healthier for you. try to ween off the junk food if u buy alot of it for your son. try to introduce him to more fruits and veggies. idk if u have a sams or costcos yes i know they are expensive, but if you buy like large quanitys of stuff. (veggies and fruit especially) it will last you a long time. also if you have a aldies near you. that is even better. you can get food for cheap and its still the same food u are just paying for the name brand. but watch on some of there produce though.

LINAQ5 Posts: 277
11/18/08 12:53 P

I'm no good with budgets eventhough me and my fiance have one as well but one thing that really helps is planning meals that you can have as left overs for the next day. I usually make a dinner and we have enough left over for the next day for lunch and maybe even dinner and while that gets boring it saves a lot of money!

JDILLA Posts: 39
11/18/08 10:57 A

hey guys! just want to introduce myself. my name is jess.. im 24.. and im getting married on 10/24/09! if that isnt motivation enough.. i have a beautiful son thats 2 years old. I want to lose around 60-70 lbs within 11 months. im not sure how realistic that is.. but i sure want to try. one of my major challenges is budget. i am not working right now and my Fiancee only makes enough for rent and bills. so we are barely surviving. I am trying so hard to look for a job. but in the meantime do you all have any suggestions for budget friendly meals? every time i go to the grocery store we spend over $100 and we just cant afford that right now.

thanks in advance!

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