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9/12/12 2:15 P Watch Robert Lustig M.D. speak on "THE SKINNY ON OBESITY" seven part series. I learned that my Metabolic Syndrome wasn't my fault. Richard Johnson M.D. talks here on "THE SUGAR Fix

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Hey newbies!!! Welcome!!! gotta say are doing AMAZING!!!!! 5 lbs/month is nothing to sneeze at. We're not racing here...just learning new healthy lifestyles and the loss comes with it. I'm so impressed with you!!! In 1.5 years that would be 90 #s!!!!! WOW!!! Keep at it. You'll find a lot of support if you go to the team pages and choose a team suited for your personal interests! Have wonderful journeys PannPeters and P can do anything!!!

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Hi! I am new to this scene as well. Also 50+ and trying to drop 70lbs. Stumbled across this website and thought I'd give it a try. In looking over the messages posted it sure looks like there is a lot of support here!

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Hi I really hope I can find help here. Im over 50,100# overweight nd have tried every diet out there. Just finished Dr Fuhrmans eat to live and only lost 23# since June 5th. When I say Im about at the end of my hope, Imean it. has anyone here had success?

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