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Unless you have a heart rate monitor with chest strap that counts your calorie burn in cardio, your best bet is going to be tracking it as elliptical machine. Or you can look online for a general estimate. It won't be exact because calorie burn depends on several factors that are unique to your body like height, weight, percentage of body fat to muscle, how hard you exercise, how long, etc.

MAGA99 Posts: 14,317
1/30/10 9:53 A

how do I track n even figure out calories burned for the bowflex treadclimber
my brother just gave me his to use & it's an older model so it doesnt tell me how many calories burned

I use it with the things up n then they go up & dwn as I'm walking would appreciate any help with this
I was tracking it as an elliptical but think thats tracking me as burneing more calories then I m

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