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9/25/13 4:55 P

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9/25/13 2:57 P

It really depends on the preferences and habits of your friend and what has allowed her to be successful in the past and what has been the biggest stumbling blocks. Most people find their best, long lasting success comes from make small but steady lifestyle changes over time.

The Spark book (> ) contains a lot of secrets of success and tips to win at the lifestyle change process. If that is most in tune with your friend, that would be the way to go.

The SparkPeople Cookbook (
) contains lots of delicious and healthy recipes as well as many healthy eating tips and steps for healthier eating. If your friend likes to cook but needs direction on how best to make a healthier lifestyle fit, this would be a good option.

The Spark Solution (
) focus more on providing directions and road maps for people that need to be told what to do and who are willing to do it. If that sounds more like a recipe for success for your friend, this might be the right choice for her.

Hope those links and information help you decide.

Coach Tanya

MAGNOLIA416 Posts: 5,548
9/25/13 1:19 P

Hi! I have The Spark myself from a couple years ago and I remember really liking it. Now I want to buy one of the books for a relative who has willingness to lose weight but doesn't know where to start. Which book do you think would be better for her? She is obese, has minor mobility issues and eats quite poorly.

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