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Sounds like you have more to deal with than just sleeping arrangements. The other post has a good idea.

Can understand not desinating a room just for her as she is only there part-time. Since she still needs to feel like she belongs there and has a place I'd say leave the room shared b/n her and the other boy but when she comes have the boy sleep in one of the other rooms. You could make the part-time sharing arrangement "cool" for the two boys by getting a really neat bunkbed...there are some cool things out there for reasonable prices.

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10/21/11 5:51 P

Have two boys share a room on the days she is there.

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I need help. I keep telling my husband we need to talk about arrnaging something for a change in the sleeping arrangments.

We have 4 boys and one girl. Ages 10, 8, 4 and newborn for the boys

The girl is 7.

The 7 year old gurl and her 4 year old brother share a room. I am against this because the girl is showing some negative signs regarding sexual knowledge obtained outside of our home. Her and her brother are there only on the weekends and half of all holidays starting next sept 2012. Right now we have her brother for the first week of the month fulltime, she comes on the weekend, then they both come on the last weekend.

Newborn sleeps in our room, but will need to figure out arrangments.

The other two boys are with us fulltime, one week on, one week off and sometimes more.

We have a 4 bedroom house.

We have our room.
Girl 7 and boy 4 share.
8 year old, own room.
10 year old own room in basement (it is too small to share).

What arrangement can I make? The girl is only there on the weekends. I know she is a girl but I don;t think with 4 brothers we should designate one room to her solely especially considering we have atleast one child fulltime. I duuno. We can't afford another house that is bigger. We do have room in the basement but no $$$$ to do anything drastic. And I do not want the girl in the basement. She is a risk to the other boys if you can believe it.


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