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10/4/12 10:59 P

Something both fun for kids and diet-friendly is to use shaped individual cake molds, which build in portion control. Cake pops, also, are totally hip, and you can get the kids involved with making and decorating them. Smaller cake serving means fewer calories for mom!

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10/4/12 10:17 P

oops soory missed your post - glad you got to enjoy some cake!!!

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10/4/12 10:16 P

what about something like zuchinni carrot cupcakes?? you could even put vegan chocolate chips in them which makes them so yummy, sweet and nutritious! Personally I would find a really good chocolate cake mix (whole foods has some good ones) and would make my own whip cream with heavy cream, agave or turbino sugar and almond extract for the frosting - mini cupcakes are a good way to keep portions down too and just serve them with some fresh cut strawberries or blueberries to slow it all down and make it last longer!!

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10/4/12 8:37 P

ty for all the suggestions i ended up doing angel food cake as a strawberry shortcake it was really gd much better then the waffle i was thinking of again ty all so much

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10/4/12 12:19 P

I would just do cupcakes (and only eat one, and fit it into your calorie plans for the day). I think all those weird sugar free desserts taste funny (probably because of all the chemical crap in them), and just make me want the real thing even more.

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10/4/12 12:17 P

Angel Food

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10/4/12 12:07 P

angel food sliced in thirds with sugar free fat free vanilla pudding between the layers.. "light boston creme pie"

10/4/12 11:54 A

I really like the recipe that calls for angel food cake mix and lite pie filling. That's all it is... mix the pie filling (I love cherry) with the cake mix, and bake. I don't have to actual recipe in front of me so I can't remember the oven temp and how long to bake, but I'm sure you could find it online. Just a dollop of ff cool whip. Yum.
I've also made it with canned pumpkin... great fall treat.

Oops... I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! emoticon

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10/4/12 11:39 A

there are very good recipes on SP that are vegan alternatives or recipes that majorly cut the fat and calories by substituting ingredients...if you like to experiment bake anyway lol.

I have found cupcakes or mini cupcakes are just as good and portion control built right in...just have one and give the rest away :) I rather go for the real stuff than deprive myself...everything in moderation right?

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10/4/12 9:16 A

Angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream is my "go-to" cake when the celebration just calls for cake. You could make a cake you don't particularly care for for some of the other birthdays. That way you wouldn't be tempted to indulge.

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10/4/12 8:58 A

Angel food cake with vanilla greek yogurt and strawberries
A trifle - layer fruit with pudding, cake, nuts, etc.
Cupcakes = instant portion control, just make sure they're not oversized.

Also sparkrecipes has some lower cal cake recipes if you want to bake your own.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,802
10/4/12 8:38 A

Also, there's nothing wrong with having a small piece of cake.

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10/4/12 8:30 A

how about a fruit bouquet? they're not cheap, but you could make one at home and they're fancy enough that you wouldn't hear the same sort of complaints that you'd get with birthday waffles. you could also request chocolate fondue [and fruit to dip of course]. that way it seems fancier than cake, but it is something that you can make healthier without being hugely obviously so.

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10/4/12 5:33 A

its my birthday and ive done well at this life style change pls dont use the 4 letter word but october for me is loaded with birthdays my twins will turn 8 on october 29th my mother in law celebrates her birth on october 30th my husbands is october 27th and mine of course is today thats a lot of cake right and i dont wanna feel crappy about myself on my birthday so i figure for the twins ill break down and have cake but for tonight id like suggestions i was thinking mayb a waffle with fresh strawberries and topped with 2 servings of light whipped cream pop a candle on the top and waaaalllaaaaaa if u know any sweet treat ud like to share id gr8ly appreciate it

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