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10/8/12 3:10 A

I know it's very disheartening, but you did NOT continue binging after eating the pretzels. In essence, you stopped failure dead in its tracks. You could have said, oh, what the heck, I might as well keep eating more junk since I've already messed up. But you didn't! You stopped! I consider that a very good thing.

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MOMMYOF2RN Posts: 579
10/7/12 3:51 A

I have so done the same thing! But don't skip a meal because of one bad one your body still needs food every 4 -5 hours. I once ate half a pizza, a milky way and drank a dr.pepper but still managed to lose weight at my weight in the next week. A binge every now and then is ok, so relax you have got this emoticon

ACBEACH Posts: 44
10/7/12 12:05 A

Big holiday today and all week. Lost control, keep eating what is not on food plan and portions are too large. Feel disappointed in myself.

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10/6/12 5:35 P

223 Do not fret-tomorrow is another day not to bing.

ORODEO73 Posts: 527
10/6/12 2:47 P

Holidays is such a hard time. This year I have a pre-planned letter that I will send to my family and friends about my struggles and new goal along with what is going on with the rest of my family. Most of my immediate family already knows not to send that stuff to me. But there are those who only know to send that stuff to me. LOL. My kids love it but I am trying to get the entire family into fit!

Moving on is the thing to do. Its hard not to cheat and want. But let yourself know it doesn't happen all the time and keep it that way!! Good luck!!

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10/4/12 11:25 A

I came to this board because I feel like I'm about to binge. Just reading, not even posting a new topic, is helping me. I'm drinking water, which I don't really care for, to try to get past the urge. Thanks for posting. Hang in there!

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10/4/12 4:17 A

I am glad that you realize that you aren't alone on this! MANY people suffer from this.

Sometimes, if we find it really hard to control these urges, then it is best off to not put temptation in front of you. Either have somewhere else to house them - a friend you can trust - or don't buy these sorts of presents until much closer to the time.

BUT reality is that you have done it, so now you just need to stop beating yourself up and remember that tomorrow is a new day.

I also strongly believe that if you need help, and it sounds like you do, then ask your Dr for a referral to Therapist who specializes in treating people with eating issues.

Good luck

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10/3/12 11:51 P

Thank you. i guess i feel better having told some one. your response really made me fee that i am NOT ALONE . thanks for responding

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10/3/12 11:47 P

It's okay! I have totally done this in the past. Tomorrow is another chance to make better choices. I had binging episodes in the past, but I worked with a counselor and now I'm fine. I suggest you read a book or article by Geneen Roth. She writes about women, food and relationships. Some of her ideas really helped me feel less crazy.

Good luck and show yourself some love and compassion. We all make poor food choices sometimes.

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10/3/12 11:41 P

Iam so sad mostly mad at myself . I got a box in the mail yesterday it was filled with gourmet pretzels intended for christmas gifts. I gave myself permission to try one. well by the time this afternoon arrived i had eaten 15 out of 20. I hate that i had no self control. so then i have not eaten lunch or dinner to make up for it.

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