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2/5/12 6:01 P

Binges do happen, at least for me. You just try to do your best, and eat enough healthy foods. Then don't give up!

2/5/12 3:56 P

I need to keep remembering that some days go bad but if a lot more go well then I will loose weight and not think that I have blown it and give up. As you say it is a life journey!

RUFUSRIO Posts: 234
2/4/12 10:55 P

Today I ate way more than I wanted, bu this has happened many times throughout my journey. I have learned that there are certain combinations of food that trigger binges for me so I have eliminated these foods from my household. Unfortunately, every now and again I am confronted with them. I guess it all comes down to focusing more on "lifetime" habits and less on "dieting". It's difficult to "restrict" calories, it's empowering to eat foods that have more "filling" calories to offer. As for me, I'm going back to the "diet" foods that work for ME, that's right, find what works for you and stick with it. Sometimes I feel like I should work out extra, etc to make up for the binge and often I do, the problem with that is it is unlikely to be lifelong. Slip ups will happen, binge days will happen, get back on the wagon. There is more to celebrate in life than a number on the scale and more ways to celebrate than food. Easier said than done, but we all have these moments.

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2/4/12 5:58 P

you can binge at the moment but don't make it an all day thing. You can reverse any weight loss you had over the week. The days where I eat more than I wanted, I just tell myself that it's ok, It will just speed up my metabolism for the next day and I will hit my goals for the rest of the week.

KANOE10 Posts: 5,605
2/4/12 9:30 A

Dr. Oz just had a show yesterday on Fat-urday. It allows you to have a free day of eating. You might check it out.
The main thing is to jump back on..and don't feel guilty. Your weigh loss journey is not one is many many days of eating healthfully.
You can do it. Hope you are feeling better. emoticon

2/4/12 4:45 A

On a Friday pick girls up from swimming and go out to eat before band. We have found somewhere local that serves something that I can eat that helps on my diet. Yesterday it was full and with the girls having swam 2 hours they were hungry. Off to the fish and chip shop we went and diet out the window. So I thought I have blown it now so had a chocolate bar aswell. Must change my outlook.

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2/3/12 7:59 P

Friends always blow it for me. I go out to eat with them and then the binge begins....once I've stepped into that deep cheesy hole it's hard to come back out into the light. Hang in there--I try to forgive myself just the right amount--so I'm not so guilty I make a mess and not so absolved that I continue. :)

2/3/12 3:05 A

Sometimes it is difficult because life happens and we aren't in control, visiting family for me is the worse, but instead of giving up it is best to treat it as a day in the past and get on track a.s.a.p.

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
2/2/12 5:02 P

Yes, binges definitely happen. I personally ate half of a little caesar's hot and ready pizza...but I tracked it, realized I still have 400 calories left for dinner, and I burned 852 calories working out today...I will also make sure to drink more water. It's okay to binge, as long as you acknowledge it, and move on.
I have found that when I binged after seeing results it's usually because I feel like "Hey, I made progress, it's okay to slide a little" OR there's the other reason-the fear of success. Many people say that they're afraid to fail, but I think a lot of us are afraid to succeed.

Hang in there!

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2/2/12 3:50 P

I brought my lunch to work today, then find out this morning a company we work with is going to treat us to a "big lunch" from Lucille's (ribs, chicken, tri trip, mashed potatoes) I've tracked my food and don't feel bad eating over 700 calories. (dinner roll, potato salad, green salad, Sprite) I can't even remember the last time I had soda!

I decided today is my binge day, and enjoyed every bite. My plan is to walk for at least 30 minutes today. (I'll take it easy Super Bowl Sunday) emoticon

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2/2/12 10:12 A


As long as you were mindful of your portion, who says you can't have nachos when you'd like some nachos ? If you did go a little overboard, honestly, you are NOT a bad person because you ate a little too much. Don't associate food with guilt. that's not healthy.

You ate the food. You log the food. You move on. AND you don't punish yourself for eating those nachos. Don't go into the gym and kill yourself for two hours to compensate. Do your normal routine. You didn't do anything wrong and you don't deserve to be punished for it.

What you do need to do is start looking into the reasons why you binge. that won't be easy. But, if you can identify what triggers a binge, those binges will get fewer and far between.

Ready to do some self analysis ? Because if you want to stop the binges, you've got to look into the reasons why you binge.

2/2/12 4:16 A

Thank you, I am in a similar situation for the past two days. Back on track today.

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2/2/12 2:26 A

Just call it a celebration day! It's not to late to get back on track, just drink lots of water and continue on like it didn't happen. Tomorrow is a new day and you can do it!!! But don't have to many celebration days cause you will be working against yourself. emoticon

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2/1/12 10:21 P

somebody, quick, make me feel better that i binged on the day i found out i lost a lb! HAHAHAHHA, no bu really, i am so like UGHHHHHHH that i binged! i was just REALLY craving nachos, so i made a giant thing of vegan nachos and then had some bakalava after. i just really wanted all those things in my mouth immideatly i binge here and there, but i feel so guilty for doing it the DAYYYYYY i see some results on the scale.

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