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7/10/13 11:28 A

I ride about 200 miles a week. Here are some of my essentials:

Saddle bag- this is a small bag that fits under your seat. You can put keys, phone, ID, extra tube, CO2 cartridge etc,

Extra Tube, CO2 cartridge- carry this in case you get a flat tire. A CO2 cartridge is way better than an air pump. When I was looking at small air pumps for my bike the guy at the shop basically told me that nobody ever really used those. It's much smaller and it fills up your tire much more quicker than an air pump if you get a flat tire. If you go to any local bike shop they can show you how to use one.

Water bottle- get a water bottle cage installed on your bike. It's nice, especially on hot days.

Rear view mirror- I don't have this on my bike, but if you travel on busy roads it's nice to be able to see behind you rather than turning your head.

Bell- Nice to have if you plan on biking on heavily congested paths.

Bike gloves- helps prevent sore hands.

I highly recommend you learn to change a flat tire. It's not as hard as it looks and any local bike shop will teach you. When you go to the bike shop also tell them you want to learn to use the CO2 cartridge. They will help you out with that and make sure you use it correctly (using it incorrectly can cause the tube to burst). I do recommend you get a floor pump for your bike so you can pump your tires when they start to get a little low.

You go to any local bike shop and you will be overwhelmed with what they offer. When I went I told them I just needed the basics and that I didn't need any fancy tools to fix my bike. If I ever have a mechanical issue with my bike I just bring it in and have them fix it.

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7/9/13 8:32 P

Thanks for all the advice! The current seat is worn and not the comfiest. I do need to get the right kind of allen wrenches to raise the handlebars after raising the seats. My legs felt squished and they don't fully extend when pedaling which to me seems awkward. I might need a seat with a longer post because the current one is almost as far as it will go. The brakes are also squeaky and not terribly effective in stopping. I might take it to a local bike shop and see what they can help me with. Other than that its good, and figuring out how to secure the bike to the rack was interesting, I have a system figured out now.

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7/9/13 4:14 A

Awesome! I have been riding my bike too! I bought one 2nd hand for $50 through Anyway, A definite need for me is this gel seat cover. It is so much more comfy on my booty. After a good bike ride I am so much more comfortable with this gel seat cover. I don't know what brand it is or anything, but if anyone gets a sore behind, this is the way to go!!

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7/9/13 4:10 A

Hi there! Good on you for getting back on a bike; it's great fun and awesome exercise!

I ride my bike most days and generally the only things I take with me is water, credit card cellphone and a cable lock.

I get my bike checked out by a professional bike mechanic every few weeks and he does all the hard work for me...never had any issues in all the years I've been riding...

Would never trust myself to tinker around with my car, so figured the same goes for the bike....!

Have fun!

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7/9/13 1:04 A

If you don't want to mount to the bicycle, another option is a small "pack" . I prefer to drink out of my Camelback that I use for short hikes as well--never been good at reaching down for a bottle! There's a few pockets with my model that my essentials fit in: pump, spare tube, tools, snack bar, phone etc.

Downside: if its really hot out, wearing the small pack.... Not often as issue where I live.
Happy Cycling!

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7/8/13 11:06 P

A puncture repair kit (they come pretty small - I have one as big as 2 fingers put together). Tools - you really only need 3 - tire levers, an allen key, and one of those multi-size wrenches. Chain oil is also an essential every 200 miles or so, but not something you need to take with you on a ride.

I have a little tool bag that clips under the seat. It's about big enough to fit the repair kit, tools, cell phone keys and perhaps a trail bar, but that's about it.

You can get water bottles and holders that clip onto the bike frame.

In terms of learning basic maintenance tasks, try


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7/8/13 9:25 P

I got my first back today after not having one for about 11- 12 years and I was wondering if their was anything I was missing or would need if I have a bike. So far I have the bike, ready to ride condition, a car rack, and helemt

The things I have been thinking about are things for maintenance besides adjusting brakes, handlebars, seats and chains. A forum on here or book to learn all of the basics and beyond would be great. Some I knew at one point, other things for maintenance I am not the surest about what to do. I have a few tools to adjust things, I am thinking I may be missing a few things though. I need to get an air pump too.

The other things are a good helmet that will protect me, how to keep a water bottle and keys from moving around since theirs no holder for anything. I saw collapsible baskets, not sure about those though or other ideas. Any other items or things that I missed could be helpful and would be great.

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