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2/23/13 6:22 P

I have been thinking of adding in a multi (if I can find one my stomach likes lol) and maybe chromium.

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 951
2/23/13 5:27 P

I take a multi, and B- complex, biotin (which is also a b-vitamin), an antioxidant suppliment, fish oil and Q10. The fish oil and Q10 are recommended by my cardiologist and the multi and B complex by my physician. The biotin I take for my hair (just trying it to see, seems to help, stronger, less brittle hair after 6 months). The antioxidants are an experienment to see if I noticed I felt different and I do not. Thankfully, they were cheap, but I do not plan to take them anymore, just didn't see a benefit.

2/23/13 3:33 P

I take lots of supplements.... the most important fish oil, vitamin d, vitamin c ,lutein, beta carotene and astaxanthin These are the oil solubles which I do together. the astaxanthin gives me lots of energy, protects against macular degeneration and protects against xrays ( my 3rd mamogram this year 4 shots per)and sunburn... It does lots...most powerful anti oxidant...I am doing these antioxidants instead of chemo for breast cancer as suggested by Doctor Ralph Moss. and others..I do calcium vitamin k2 for the vitamin d,

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2/23/13 3:22 P

am not a big supplement person but I do take creatine in my whey protein shake for my weight lifting.

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2/23/13 3:02 P

this is all true- if you're lucky enough to find a good dr hehe

if i didn't start taking vitamin D on my own, which no dr told me to do EVER, i would not have ANY energy. before I started taking vitamin D, i could sit in front of the computer and get tired. could barely cook, clean. slept 8 hrs a night and had a 4 hour nap almost every day.

I live in AK, don't get out much, have pcos (women with pcos are more deficient in vit. D than women who don't have pcos). so after 2.5 months of taking it, i had more natural energy.

2/23/13 9:53 A

While a multivitamin-mineral supplement is safe for most adults to take (example: one-a-day, centrum, similar store brand); individual supplements should never be used unless prescribed or approved by your medical doctor first.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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2/22/13 9:52 P

Have you talked to your doctor about supplements? Taking too many supplements can be dangerous, and if you're taking vitamins other than a daily multivitamin, you could be overdosing on something your body doesn't need.

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2/22/13 7:55 P

I know that supplements are NOT everything, but I do know that they are most definitely a valid piece of the health and wellness puzzle.

what are your favorite and affective supplements that you take.

for me - its Vitamin D - without it I have no energy and can not do ANYTHING. B vitamins also help me but I just take a nail/hair/skin supplement. If I take additional b-vitamins I get sick to my stomach.

would love to know what works for you.

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