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Not really. I do 5 reps and I'm out of breath ... sometimes less than 5 reps and I fail. How long you can do it is not a good measure of anything, really. How much weight you're pushing and how much more you did than the last time is a much better indicator.

We all have to start somewhere, so start. After that, all you need to do is make sure you're progressing by putting more weight on the bar. Length of time is irrelevant. This isn't cardio.

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thanks Bill. I must be in terrible shape. I began to lift my 15 pound dumbell and do squats and after just a couple of minutes, I was breathing heavy. Man, I was plum wore out. I'll read those links. Thanks

One more thing Bill, then I'll use the other post if I have any more questions. Do you know how I can calculate how many calories I should eat every day? My stepson says to cut 500 calories out everyday of my normal diet, but that doesn't tell me a whole lot. Also, does that account for strength training and cardio?

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Also, we do have a post about this very thing right here in our very own Guy's Lounge.

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Not to be too pedantic, but do not use bodybuilding and strength training interchangeably. While they both lift weights, typically, the goals and the workouts are pretty different. I mention it because if you search on one and then the other, you'd probably get widely varying workouts and that could be confusing. Bodybuilders seem to focus more on isolation moves, higher rep, higher frequency exercising. Their goal is largely to get big, not necessarily strong (but that is certainly a byproduct). The goal of strength training is to get strong (not necessarily big). So figure out which one you prefer.

I will agree that strength training should not differ much between men and women, especially at the beginning stages. I can speak for strength training with a goal of getting strong (not necessarily big).

This is all your really need.

I've been progressing on this program for over a year now. It's quick, simple and effective. I would highly recommend buying the DVD and practicing form. Form is critical. The DVD does show him working with women, but there really is no difference in how he handles gender.

A site that embraces Starting Strength pretty strongly is . See their FAQ for lots of details.

I don't know enough about bodybuilding to recommend particular routines.

You can always ask questions here too. Lots of the fellas here lift.

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7/24/12 11:38 A

Hey guys, I posted this in the regular message board as well, but I'll probably get a quicker response on here. What is the best strength training site to go to? I am told that men and women should be the same. I am really motivated to do this and I would like a sample menu to go by also regarding nutrition. I want to lose fat and gain muscle. Thanks

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