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2/7/12 6:34 P

Way to go!

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2/7/12 4:47 P

Wow! What an excellent treadmill you have at the ready. I have always hated treadmills because of the boring factor, but your high tech treadmill solves that factor!

Take care.

Spark On!

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2/7/12 4:14 P

You are on your way! Well done.

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2/7/12 2:49 P

Excellent work!!

TAMPATINK67 Posts: 3,800
2/6/12 9:59 P

Awesome - you can do this!!!

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2/6/12 7:55 P

It's been a while since I checked in... been extremely busy...

but I hit a milestone I wanted to share with ya'all.

I'm officially in the 250s!! I'm 257.2 as of this morning! that means I'm 13lbs down! WOO

I've started working on a treadmill... it's pretty awesome. I can go to my own pace, and with ifit live I can make my workouts interesting. If I want to walk in Japan, I just have to make a map of the area I want to walk... and as long as it's terrain Google Earth has mapped out, I can log my workout on my computer, and as I walk the path I've mapped, I can watch the street view on Google earth.

It's hard to explain, so I made a video here -

but what's cool is, with my treadmill... if the terrain I've mapped goes up... my incline trainer will go up to the percentage the terrain increases up to 40% same with if the terrain goes downhill... then the treadmill will go down up to 6%. And being able to watch the path you're walking on google street view... it's like you're really there. Makes workouts more interesting.

anyhoo... I'm really excited. So, yeah, that's the update. Oh, and I'm finally on twitter. LOL.!/HappDeeNess

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