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8/21/14 1:41 P

I just changed the battery. Also I had to redo the tracker install because the dongle would not light up.

I don't understand why we don't get steps credit unless it is the SPAT recording it.

It was 2 days of water aerobics classes that no steps were recorded. Last week I made a promise to myself to at least get a bronze medal and hopefully a silver one. It is disappointing.


SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,540
8/20/14 9:09 P

Only the data tracked by the Spark Activity Tracker will be listed as a workout event and list steps for it on the Spark Activity Tracker. While you can enter it manually, it will show as a manual entry on your Spark Activity Tracker page and your Fitness Tracker page, it won't list steps or as a workout event like an activity tracked by your Spark Activity Tracker device.

If you had red lights on your Spark Activity Tracker, that was the indicator that the battery needed to be changed. Looking at your account, it doesn't show a new battery has been detected yet since you haven't synced data yet today. Have you changed the battery yet?

Coach Denise

CTUPTON SparkPoints: (188,371)
Fitness Minutes: (39,950)
Posts: 15,213
8/20/14 6:10 P

it was 58 minutes . I put that in manually. It did not register it as a workout. And I got no steps for this.

If the tracker enters the same info, it registers steps.

Oh--also the spark page said the battery was still charged. It had red lights and did not record, so I changed the battery.

Thanks, chris

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