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1/22/13 1:18 P

thanx so much. looked for something like this a while ago and never found it. thanx bunches!

DJPERAZA Posts: 2,317
1/21/13 8:03 P

I usually wear a heart rate monitor and I burn from 200-400 calories an hour doing barre. It depends on the workout. If it's Physique 57 my calorie burn is high. You should join the barre team I just made:

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1/18/13 2:30 P

thanx so much for your input. that really helps me with my decision

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1/18/13 1:03 A

It depends on the workout. I like ballet and dance inspired workouts and have taken dance classes and pilates classes. My lower body really responds well to the standing barre work in ballet classes and barre workouts. I have done heavier lifting too, but my legs look most defined and strong when I do barre/ballet workouts. And these exercises really help with core strength and balance as well. Pilates classes can be gentle or challenging depending on the class. But at least with the classes I have taken, some muscle groups are left out. Some barre workouts do include challenging upper body work including full, on the toes pushups. I was never able to do full on toes pushups until after doing Physique 57 dvds for a couple monthes (they include 2 sets of pushups and suggest trying the full pushups before modifying on the knees). At one point I went ot a local boot camp and was one of the few females doing full pushups. Noone would question a boot camp class as strength training, but many would say a ballet/barre/pilates workout is not. These workouts tend to be more bodyweight and isometric training, though sometimes resistance bands, balls or weights add additional resistance. You might not see quite the strength gains you would see with heavy lifting, but you may see improvements. But, It depends on the class/dvd/workout and your existing strength.

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1/17/13 5:27 P

okay. that helps a bit. thanx.

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1/17/13 4:29 P

They'd basically be strength. Pilates does tend to work the core, and, from my experience taking actually ballet classes in my youth, you use your core a lot in ballet as well. If you're doing a lot of plies, you will be working your rear. If you want a rear "lift", try squats. My bum is definitely a higher and rounder after the addition of regular squats, especially heavy squats with a barbell. I'm also loving beFIt in 90s 30 Day Butt Lift program on YouTube. There's a different workout exery day, a mix of strength and cardio, each 10 minutes long, some days you do two.

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1/17/13 4:04 P

Did you see this thread?

Pilates is strength training, yes. I'm not super familiar with the ballet-inspired workouts, but the ones I've seen are mostly strength.

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1/17/13 3:57 P

when it comes to all these ballet and pilates fusion workouts - are any of these considered strength training? or core?

and also- do they work the buns. my booty is soft but I would love to "lift" and round them up a bit.


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