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1/17/14 10:41 P

Talk to your doctor. I have bad knees but anything low impact is OK for me.

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1/17/14 12:58 P

Swimming, water aerobics, and other pool based fitness activities may be a good option for you. Did your doctor say not to use the elliptical? The elliptical is low impact, especially when compared to the treadmill and aerobics. Another option is the rowing machine, but I if your doctor did say not to use the elliptical, then I'd ask about the rowing machine. It's low impact as well and is a great full body workout. Riding a bike would also be a good option. It would most likely be easier on your knees than the elliptical. If riding a bike outside seems to be to strenuous at the moment, consider using a stationary bike. I would also talk to your doctor or a physical therapist about a strength training routine. [Edit: I just realized that you said no biking; but what about a recumbent bike? You'd be in more of a seated position and it may not be as hard on your knees if that is a concern.]

Like the others have said, what you eat is the biggest part of the weight loss process.

20 minute resistance band workout:

Workouts for people with limited mobility:

Workout Generator:

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1/17/14 10:20 A

Ask your doctor if swimming or water aerobics would be an option for you. Those can be great ways to workout.

Coach Jen

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1/17/14 9:28 A

Like the PP said, you can't out exercise a bad diet so eating habits should be your first point of attack. Before my dad had his knee replaced, he swam a lot since that didn't put pressure on the knee. But you should ask your orthopedist for suggestions on what exercises you should do.

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1/17/14 9:06 A

my orthopedic doctor told me that I need a new knee, however he told me that I have to get my BMI down to 40%. my next appointment is March30. So if I can loose ten pounds each month I might get my new knee. My knee is bone on bone with server osteoarthritis, and bone spurs.

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1/17/14 8:33 A

Bad knee is a little vague. I have all kinds of knee injuries. Some kept me from walking, but I was fine on the elliptical. I have yet to see the knee injury that prevents you getting on a bike, though, so this must be a new one.

I agree with the pp that you should see your doctor and a physical therapist. The exercise I do most when I have knee injuries, though, is yoga. It's typically gentle on the knees and if you do it right it can get the heart rate up.


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1/17/14 8:07 A

First and foremost, have you spoken with your doctor to get clearance for exercise? If not, I encourage you to do this. Since we don't know your medical history and why you have that bad knee, any suggestions we give could cause more damage.

And when you go to the doctor, you may want to get a referral to a physical therapist who can help you create an exercise plan.

On another note, healthy living is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. You can't out exercise crappy food choices. So, you may be initially limited in your movement possibilities right now but you can get your eating habits right.

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1/17/14 8:01 A

so how do I get my heart rate up without hurting my knees

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