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CLASS20131 Posts: 26
10/6/11 7:45 P

smoking and not getting motivated enough.

10/3/11 9:27 P

My problem is my after school snack. I'm hardly ever hungry after school, but that doesn't stop me from heading to the fridge. Message me, maybe we can motivate each other! :)

TBLLOVER429 Posts: 302
10/3/11 9:04 P

I think you should make your goals more positive, like, instead of saying 'I won't have soda anymore' say 'I'll replace soda with water because it's healthier and will quench my thirst' or things like that.
Don't beat yourself up for anything and focus on what you can do and what you've already accomplished. Make a goal for once a week and once you've done that then you can keep making those small changes :)

BEARGYRL99 Posts: 70
9/27/11 3:36 P

I have been trying to eat healthier and i cant seem to lose weight!! i have the doctor in a week and instead of losing I've gained. I feel lost.....

Dear god,

It's me beargyrl99
Help me.

Fitness Minutes: (4,201)
Posts: 468
9/25/11 4:27 P

Hey there!

It's great that you are going to start keeping track of what you eat. It does wonders for your new healthy lifestyle. If quitting suddenly helps you with giving certain things up then by all means go for it! However, you might find that it's hard restricting yourself so fast into your diet. That's where setting Marker Goals might help you. Insead of saying " not drinking soda" say 'I'll allow myself to have one soda a week" or something along the lines of that. It's better to set a definite goal, with a certain number in mind. It helps dieting a lot!

It sounds like you're on the right track and I know you can do this!

~Much Love ♥

PJPYFER Posts: 1
9/25/11 2:15 P

I have been trying to lose wieght for a while but cant stay focus but ive promised myself now to keep a log of my eating not to drink soda like I do or eat late night snack and stop being lazy and just do things!

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