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3/20/13 11:42 A

Are you tracking everything you eat/drink? The nutrition trackers here on SP really help keep me honest. The thought of having to enter items like "cheetos" on my tracker is just too horrifying!

So, I avoid those things. I keep my tracker public, so anyone can read it. That way if I freak out and eat half a pie, anyone can see it...and I'll feel like everyone is going to SEE what I've done.

As for today, just eat normally, in your range. Again, be sure to track EVERYTHING. That tracker works wonders, but you have to trust it.

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3/20/13 8:44 A

I had a bad food afternoon too yesterday. I am new to this program but not new to sticking to a plan for 4-5 days and then stumbling. In the past I have been negative and carry the feelings of guilt and failure for he next several days or even weeks until I get back on my food plan. This time I am going to accept that yesterday was not what I had planned but I am getting right back to my plan. I am not a failure, I can do this. I have three days of success this week to prove it and only one bad afternoon. I will focus on the positives. You can start over today!

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3/20/13 1:23 A

I had been rocking a 7000 Calorie deficit (2lbs/week) for several weeks. Then my mother came into town. Last week I didn't even burn 1500 Calories. I was keeping track of how far behind I was and it was just making it worse. I was getting more behind seeing how behind I was!

This week I went back to trying to burn 1lb/week. Yesterday I ate as much as I wanted and I had a 599 Calorie deficit. If you focus on your failure(s) and keep trying to make it up, you may just make it worse. Each day is a new day. You may want to try to make up a little for yesterday (Extra 15 minute workout? Eat on the lower end of your range?), but not eating is not going to fix things. Each day you just need to focus on eating better and getting up and moving. If you screwed up yesterday, then just focus on doing it the right way today.

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3/19/13 9:49 P

Welcome to SparkPeople!

Just as you said, not eating tomorrow doesn't work, so make sure you do eat tomorrow.

Keep in mind, this is about making healthy lifestyle changes and it's not going to happen overnight, and it doesn't do you any good to beat yourself up about little mishaps along the way. Nobody is perfect, so just take a lesson from today and move forward. Do your best to make some healthier choices tomorrow.

You may find this article helpful to get back on track:

Keep on posting on the message boards too! That can help encourage and motivate you to stick with healthier habits as well.


Coach Denise

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3/19/13 9:28 P

OK till on the way home - bought wine and cheetos. Had 2 wines, and a medium bag of cheetos, then ham and cheese sandwich. An apple to try to make it right. Got home too late to go walk - after dark. Feeling awful. My stupid plan is to eat nothing tomorrow, but that never works. Just need some encouragement that I can turn it around tomorrow and be OK. Because I am feeling really awful and a failure again. Can anyone relate? New to program.

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