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1/15/13 1:29 P

One of my favorite snacks is celery or apple slices and almond butter. I always keep the 1oz packets of almond butter on hand (either Justin's or Barney butter). It makes a pretty quick and filling snack. HB eggs are always an easily portable snack too.

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1/15/13 12:15 P

thanks i'll add the veggies to my shopping list that you recommended.

nuts are out unfortunately i have dental work on both sides. I only can do almond milk. I might make my own mix though maybe some whole wheat chex and other items would work.

i just thought of peta and hummas. I'm going to try that.

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1/15/13 11:09 A

Broccoli, cauliflower, and bell peppers are all great, portable veggies that add crunch and filling. Eat a handful of broccoli, and it fills you up great!

I also have a go-to trail mix I use when I need a quick snack. A handful of this is so filling, and it tastes great.

I use:

Dark chocolate M&Ms
Large multi-colored raisins (the kind with the red, golden, and regular raisins in it)
lightly salted peanuts
lightly salted cashews
fresh shelled pecans (we live in Georgia)

Packs a serious protein punch, and even has a bit of sweet to tickle my taste buds. Feels like I'm being naughty, but it helps!

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1/15/13 10:47 A

I teach at several different locations, I am always on the go and eating quite a bt out of my backpack. I am sick of carrot sticks and grape tomatoes does anyone have another portable healthy snack. I typically only have a few minutes to eat. I don't need a full meal just enough to give my some energy and a full belly for the next class because when i get home the husband has dinner ready.

I have tried:

1. carrot sticks
2. celery
3. apples pre cut up so they don't stick in my teeth.
4. shrimp packed with a little ice.
5. yogurt
6. celery
7. cherry tomatos

Id love to get in more veg as typically my classroom snack is one of my servings of veg. But i am just so sick of the same raw veggies.

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