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6/21/13 5:54 A

Thing of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Some people buy mattresses that are too hard, and some buy mattresses that are too soft. The trick is to get one that is just right!

Too soft and the mattress doesn't support you like it should. Too hard, and it can cause problems because they are too rigid. Have you tried sleeping on another bed? If so, what is the effect on your back and hip the next day? That might be a guide as to what is going on.

As far as rotating mattresses are concerned, that is an old-fashioned one when there was kapok in the mattress. I noticed with my last one rotating and/or turning it didn't do anything except put some hollows in places that my body didn't like.


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6/19/13 8:48 P

It could be more than the mattress. I used to blame my aches and pains on my mattress. I rotated the thing, and it still hurt.

Turns out, it was all the aches and pains of being sedentary. Getting up and getting moving eliminated the aches and pains, and even reduced the trouble I was having with my arthritis.

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6/19/13 4:49 P

This might seem like a silly question, here it is either way. Has anyone had back and hip pains from a bad mattress in my case causing them to not do as much exercise? This is what's going on with me, I am surprised after having the bed for over 2 years. It gets better throughout the day, the feeling never goes away, particularly in my lower back. I am doing what I can, I just don't know what to do short of buying a new mattress. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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