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3/20/13 10:30 A

I have sold it all pretty much but I was the most successful at AVON..

Everyone LOVES avon... and I gained customers all the time and had a rose circle route over 25k a year.. It was really nice petty cash for me but putting 300 milles on my car a week was not doing it any more kids LOVED when the products arrived because it was just like Christmas having boxes all the way stocked up to the ceiling... Now they have mail services which help save milages on your car which was doing at the last few who doesn't love to get "fun mail"

With the social media now, facebook, twitter (they did not exist when I was in it) the possibilities are endless.. Plus I have found it was the cheapest start up cost as well.. you gotta do what you have passion for and you have to have passion for the things you sell..

I also had my own craft business which I am getting back into again just for hobby and fun reasons.

With candles its a great thing!!! I wish I knew how to make them but time is a huge thing for me.. Who doesn't love sweet and good smelling homes? I would find consignment stores or even those personal mom and pop stores and see if you can do a commission thing.. we have a few small stores that are locally owned a lot of times they sell other people's products... Go for it, make connections.. there is also Etsy (website) which you have to pay to use it but its a very very popular craft website.. also you have ebay as well...there are tons of things you can do! I would also hit any flea markets or if you know of someone doing garage sales, ask them to see if you can sell some of your items.. the possibilities are endless now.

Put your mind to anything you can do it!!! There are tons of avenues and its fun too!!

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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
3/20/13 9:05 A

i am not going to kid you, starting at home business is not easy. i was in mary kay, tupperware and amway for several years. I guess I just wasn't the at home business, party doing type of person.

However, i do have friends who are very successful. They work their butts off and it has worked well for them. You need a really good support base. Friends who will throw parties for you and hopefully it will continue.

Get to know other home based businesses in the area-- pampered chef, mary kay, avon, tupperware, scentsy, etc. Become friends with these people. They can lead you to more business as well.

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3/20/13 8:47 A

Im thinking about starting an at home candle selling business but i'm kind of scared to take the leap of faith can someone give me some works of encouragement, i'm doing it because I Ets from the ARMY today and I just want to continue to have an income

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