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SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,320
11/25/13 8:06 A

Here are some ideas....

Maybe just baked apples with cinnamon...

Slice an apple. Sprinkle some cinnamon. Microwave a minute or until cooked. Add a dollop of frozen greek yogurt. Not a pie, but a neat snack.

Roasted Apples
Toss unpeeled apple wedges into a little olive oil, pinch of salt and a pinch of thyme. Spread the wedges on a baking sheet 425 degrees for 30 minutes or until tender Serve with turkey, chicken, pork, beef...or as a snack....


15 baked miniature phyllo tart shells (one 2.1-ounce box)
1 6 - 8 ounce carton Fage 0% plain Yogurt
2/3 cup fresh blueberries, raspberries, and/or cut-up strawberries
Fill phyllo tart shells with yogurt. Top with blueberries, raspberries, and/or cut-up strawberries. Serve at once or cover and chill up to 3 hours before serving. Makes 15 miniature tarts.

Skip chocolate-dipped strawberries and pair the fruit with fat-free plain Greek yogurt instead. 3 strawberries swirled in a tablespoon of fat-free plain Greek yogurt will cost you a total of 20 calories and 4 grams of carb (a typical single chocolate-dipped strawberry has 50-75 calories).

2-Minute Pumpkin Pie
If you need a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth, whip up this 75-calorie pumpkin pie for one. This simple recipe, pared down to the most basic and common ingredients, only takes 2 minutes to make, but the end result tastes as delicious as traditional, calorie-packed pie.

1/2 c. pumpkin puree
1/4 c. egg whites (from an egg or carton)
Cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice

Mix together all the ingredients. If you prefer a flan-like texture, add more pumpkin; if you prefer a cake-like texture, add more egg whites. Microwave for two minutes. Use a mix of Greek yogurt, hazelnut cream cheese, and pumpkin pie spice for the icing. Top with toasted pecans.
Makes one serving.

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11/22/13 3:24 P

i'm with lotus. put your apples in custard cups or ramekins and sweeten however you want to sweeten, add spices like for pie. top with some oatmeal and enjoy your apple pie. i was camping and without much in the ingredients line, so i got a package of instant oatmeal and sprinkled it over apples and baked it. it worked.

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11/18/13 5:39 P

I like the idea of putting an apple filling in ramekins. Plus if you use a sweeter form of apple, you will need less sugar or splenda. If you're adding cinnamon, you can also get away with less sweetener.

LOTUS737 Posts: 4,665
11/14/13 12:25 P

you can also just make the pie crustless! pop your filling into individual ramekins. if desired, you can top with a little bit of a crumble (use oats and nuts to boost nutrition).

i did sauteed apples & pecans (with your typical apple pie spices) on top of maple-vanilla greek yogurt and it was pretty amazing, really- got the temperature difference and that creaminess reminiscent of ice cream- next time i would top with a little granola/oat mix.

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11/14/13 10:50 A

Ditto on Lynn's post. How about kicking up the nutrition - baked apples with walnuts, oatmeal and flaxseed. Or an apple crisp with similar ingredients. Pumpkin is very healthy - how about a nut crust or whole wheat-olive oil crust. Maybe a pumpkin trifle with greek yogurt and mixed nut topping.

LYNNIEV Posts: 394
11/13/13 10:34 P

Yep, there are a few alternatives. You could try this...

Or this...

And especially this one...

Three ingredient delectable apples that, if you choose, you can serve with a little whipped cream (lite) to make it completely awesome.

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SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
11/13/13 4:26 P

Use sweet potatoes in place of the apples, use the same spices used in pumpkin pie-taste the same, same texture.

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11/13/13 3:17 P

I am trying to find something for Thanksgiving dinner that can stand in for apple pie for the 3 of us who are on healthy eating plans. I found a pumpkin custard recipe that I'm thinking will work for a pumpkin pie substitute (no crust makes it a ton healthier), but I still haven't found anything to sub for apple pie. And I really really would like to-- does anyone have any ideas? TIA!

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