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3/28/11 10:05 A

very good. I forgot about birkenstocks and I think the bottom's hurt from regular shoes that I bought cheapy. Time for some earth shoes. I do have some comfy north face slippers that are walk around the house jobbies. emoticon emoticon

haven't had callus issues yet but good to know if and when emoticon

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3/28/11 8:53 A

Another problem that comes with regular exercise is calluses. I purchased a Dr. Scholl's foot spa to soak my feet in every several days, and then I use an oversized emery board to sand off calluses and put on an anti-cracking cream. This prevents my calluses from getting too big and my feet splitting open.

Investing time in callus management prevents larger problems in the future.

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3/27/11 11:04 P

How about a pair of supportive but soft footwear to wear after workouts. For example, I have these for my gym shower shoes:
...I'm not sure they are made anymore, but I was able to find some for sale:

However you may just have to investigate if they make any similar products. Honestly, these didn't feel that much different from some of the other crocs models but they came with glowing endorsements from some other fitness people and they were very inexpensive when I got them.

Another good choice might be Birkenstocks, especially the ones with the newer soft footbeds. I'm not sure what they have between the cork and the footbed lining but they sure are soft compared to the old ones. Comparatively little break-in time WRT the older style.

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3/15/11 8:18 P

As regards ketosis. Nay and nary be one to walk alone.<
/a> emoticon emoticon

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3/15/11 8:39 A

Getting better, better and better every day in every way emoticon emoticon

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3/14/11 10:39 P

A man suffering from ketosis from doing too much cardio and tread work is not a sexy or happy man but rather a hospitalized man. Not good.

Cut it back - and do some kettlebells to break it up :) That's 1200 an hour.

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3/1/11 7:22 A

thanks everybody. emoticon

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3/1/11 6:51 A

8 days in a row is impressive. Give those dogs a rest for a day and see how they feel.

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2/28/11 11:54 P

make sure your feet are supported properly by wearing the proper footwear and have your shoes fitted with orthopedic insoles at the very least and sounds like you need to rest your feet a little too. definitely talk to the doc if nothing works for you

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2/28/11 9:22 P

If it is inside your foot, like sore muscles or plantar faciitis, you can roll your foot on a cool spray can. It will give you a message and work the kinks out. If it persists, you should see the doc!

I have heard a lot of things for skin problems from store bought creams and stuff (they smell lady like) to vinegar to? I have found that good sport socks made by any sport clothing lines (champion, Adidas, Nike, etc) make a huge difference, trick is finding the brand that works best with your feet!

For both conditions, soak your feet in epsom salts, it was a remedy my Grandmother used and it works well!

Good luck

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2/28/11 8:25 P

8 days in a row treadmilling and spinning got 'da feets sore. Any remedy. Stopping for a day is not an option emoticon

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