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GRACEINAZ Posts: 2,271
7/7/13 12:53 A

I've been through two bottles (one of each flavor) with no side effects at all. In fact, it tastes pretty good and is a nice addition to rounding out a protein drink giving it a creamier taste. Be sure to use it as directed.

Basically, it is high-linoleic safflower oil and seems to help with belly fat, appetite and blood sugar levels.

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7/7/13 12:48 A

I would toss the supplement, but KEEP the meal plan booklet that's included:

"Our recipes were all developed by a RE ·BODY ®
nutritionist based on a formula that will yield a meal that is approximately 400
calories, distributed as 1/3 slow-burn carbohydrates, 1/3 lean body proteins,
and 1/3 fat-fighting fats…"

The meal plan looks similar to what I eat: egg/spinach omelet, chicken and tilapia.

Good Luck!!

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7/7/13 12:41 A

I wouldn't be inclined to try it - not because of anything negative I have heard, because I haven't heard a lot, other than Dr OZ has supported it in his past; as he does with anything if payment for endorsement is involved.

The only other bits I have heard is that studies haven't been done on the average Joe Blog using the product - rather professional athletes.

If you want to lose belly fat (which is my understanding that it is aimed at mostly, and which this purports to do), then you are best to get the exercise in, and your body will take the fat off where it chooses. I would be inclined to just eat a healthy diet, within a healthy calorie range and get the exercise.

I understand that you feel obligated in a way because your aunt bought it for you, but that is the kind of help they should learn to NOT do. A lot of these sorts of things can have a negative effect on us, particularly if we are taking meds or just have a particular health condition, which others aren't always privy to.

Just my 2 cents worth!

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7/7/13 12:16 A

A few days ago i got call from my aunt who informed me she had ordered a product off of QVC called safslim for me to try. I have never used a diet weight loss suppliment, and not wanting to hurt her feeling i thanked her said i waslooking forward to trying it. Has anyone used it? What side effects have you experienced? I would be willing to try it but i want more information and peer reviews on the product.

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