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CARAMISH Posts: 33
11/30/11 4:11 P

Bob Harper's workouts are wonderful-I've got two and love them-I have to say there's a certain dread factor before the workout because they're a solid hour, but the time passes quickly.

HEYBUTT Posts: 769
11/30/11 11:02 A

I have the four disc set (pure cardio, pure strength, yoga for the warrior, and bob's workout) and I like them all and have used them quite a bit since I got them (right now I'm doing a more structured program but will get back to bob's stuff later).

They're always resonably priced and have good replay value. AND my spouse even uses one of them (which really surprised me--he's not really an exercise dvd person).

When it comes to exercise dvds, the only way they WON'T work for you is if you don't do them. Even if you put them on and only do half (and do it half assed) you're doing more then you would just sitting on the couch.

HANA11 SparkPoints: (44,360)
Fitness Minutes: (131,612)
Posts: 124
11/30/11 1:19 A

I am doing Bob Harper ultimate cardio body and super strength burn DVD. Both are really great..... They are tough but you will see a huge improvement in fitness and strength while doing them. I strongly recommend both.

LISA_MARIE0529 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 122
11/29/11 10:37 P

just wondering if anyone was doing the bob harper dvds. I just got totally ripped core and beginner's weight loss transformation. If you are doing them what do you think of them and are they working for you?

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