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TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
7/23/12 9:38 A

went fishing yesterday at local pay lake. Didn't catch nothing but a bad attitude. It wasn't even relaxing because of my 3 year old. I think I'm gonna wait until he gets old enough to go back fishing.

MANDALORE Posts: 1,251
7/20/12 9:51 A

Going tomorrow!

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
7/18/12 10:57 A

Shoot, I've been fishing since I was knee high to a grasshopper. If you get back in it, you will probably be hooked again. LOL! We used to fish with catalba worms, but here recently, the trees don't have any on them. They are great for bait. The lakes around here are down really low. We went to Lake Horton and you couldn't even put your boat in the water at the docks.

MANDALORE Posts: 1,251
7/18/12 10:22 A

MIAMIVT, I did not get back into fishing until last year, I found the love again.
You can go to a local Walmart find a decent Rod and Reel, fairly cheap ($20) With all the gear, shop around too. But I have slowly built up my collection, they have a clearance aisle with things real cheap too. At least in my area.
I also have lots of fishing buddies to ask questions and learn from.
The key thing like everything else is to get out there and just do it.
I have used youtube and found great instructional videos on fishing cleaning filleting too.
I google info and read up a lot.
And we here on this site would love to help and answer questions for you! emoticon

MIAMIVT SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 244
7/18/12 9:29 A

i'm still fairly young (25) my dad took me fishing a lot when I was a kid, I think I enjoyed it 75% of the time. It's something that I'd really like to start doing again, but I don't have anything, no poll, no tackle, nothing. Plus the last time I fished I was 10, so I obviously wasn't very "good" It seems like it's one of those things that when you are grown you can't really get into it unless you've been doing it forever. Plus I don't know how to fillet it or anything

MANDALORE Posts: 1,251
7/18/12 8:26 A

I hope to get out this Saturday, I had to send to the state so I can get my title for my boat and trailer. I hope that doesn't take long. Did get a lot of Bluegill on another local little lake with my brother inlaw, had a great time!

MUDMONSTER81 SparkPoints: (87,445)
Fitness Minutes: (90,585)
Posts: 227
7/18/12 8:14 A

Went out on the Potomac this past saturday. Caught 17 smallmouth bass, one was 17 inches. Went crabbing sunday. Put four dozen keepers in the boat with 400 throw backs (too small).

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
7/10/12 2:43 P

that's great. Nothing like it. Now you can get to that itch you've been wanting to scratch! LOL!

MANDALORE Posts: 1,251
7/10/12 10:30 A

Well good news I bought a little fishing boat and trailer last Thursday.
So I need to get a hitch put on my car, and I can get out there where I want to be!


TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
7/9/12 2:54 P

I fish for anything I can get. It's usually bream, cat, crappie, or bass. Local lakes around where I live.

MANDALORE Posts: 1,251
7/3/12 11:00 A

where and what are you all fishing for! emoticon

ELLISH SparkPoints: (5,880)
Fitness Minutes: (1,832)
Posts: 343
7/3/12 10:23 A

I have been around 30 times. Way down for me compared to usual. Love every minute of it!!!!!!!

MANDALORE Posts: 1,251
6/29/12 11:19 A

i am saving up for a boat and trailer, so i can really get out there! emoticon

RELLINGS SparkPoints: (11,911)
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6/29/12 8:26 A

I have not been fishing this year yet

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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Posts: 4,114
6/27/12 12:13 P

MUDMONSTER81 SparkPoints: (87,445)
Fitness Minutes: (90,585)
Posts: 227
6/27/12 12:07 P

Did some smallmouth fishing this past weekend. Caught two smallies in the 14~16" range. Those were the only two out there is seems. I hope to do a little fly fishing friday morning.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
6/27/12 11:28 A

oh man, what chew talkin bout? You sound just like me. We're gonna try and go this weekend.

MANDALORE Posts: 1,251
6/27/12 11:17 A

I love to fish, caught some nice crappie and lots of blue gill, the other day, had one heck of a fish fry that night, also caught some bass, a 15 inch one but this lake has a size limit of 18 inches so back it went.

I enjoy sitting on the boat floating, letting all my worries flow away.
Nice and relaxing even if they aren't biting that day.
Soak uo some sun and fun for me.

Never had a chance for some deep sea fishing though i want to try it!

HUSKERLAND3 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 564
6/12/12 9:30 A

I have not been fishing since i was 11

6/11/12 3:24 A

I miss fishing, when I was in high school I would do a bass tournament every weekend it seemed. Now with college, work, and a little one, I'm not ever sure where my rods and reels are.

JAOTTO SparkPoints: (0)
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6/9/12 11:03 A


BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
Fitness Minutes: (12,713)
Posts: 4,114
6/5/12 12:19 P

That's a good point. We usually fish Lake Allatoona so there are no fish to be had.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
6/5/12 12:00 P

agree with you there man. My husband can utter some profane syllables when he's fishing. LOL!! I like to sunbathe myself sometimes even better than casting a line, but there's no better feeling than when you hook into a big one, especially when deep sea fishing. You don't know what's gonna be on the other end of that hook! Gives me a thrill!!

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
Fitness Minutes: (12,713)
Posts: 4,114
6/5/12 11:31 A

I'd hardly call it a sport, more of a pastime. I have a friend with a boat and he takes me fishing from time to time. I learned that I really enjoy the sitting time and the peace. Casting a line and baiting a hook gets in the way of my sittin' quiet time. emoticon

6/5/12 8:18 A

Fishing is one of those sports for me that I wish I could do but don't because I sorta don't get the point aside from the obvious one of catching a fish.

+add to "Bucket List"

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
6/4/12 1:38 P

Hey guys, we went to lake eufaula couple of weeks ago. Caught about 12 nice eating size catfish and a couple of baby bass. Any of you guys been lately?

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