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SAMJUL Posts: 439
10/17/12 11:46 A


I try yesterday I went for a short walk on my lunch today it is raining so maybe I will do some lower cardio at my desk for abit...
I am alittle anxious as I am waiting for test results ...and wont get them till 27th ...cardio tests ...and to top it off I had a really bad migraine on Friday although it has been gone in severity it is still lingering around here and there .......

Anyways hopefully all tests come back normal and I can pick it up again.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
10/17/12 8:59 A

Losing weight is 80% diet so make sure yours is impeccable then do what you can while your elbow is healing, ouch!

KANDOLAKER Posts: 1,902
10/17/12 8:54 A

Try to stay positive - and keep moving in the right direction. Sometimes it is hard to hang on, but you are doing it. Things will get better! Wishing you all the best!

SAMJUL Posts: 439
10/17/12 8:43 A

hello all
I just wanted to check in ....I havent posted nor worked out this week ...afew things have set me back for the time being ...broken elbow ...and have to go for ultrasound ...went for some work up at dr and once I see specialist I will be able to determine if I can kick up my work out or just leave it as till then nothing stress ...although on the bright side I weighed in this morning havent lost anything but I havent gained anything either ...hopefully once I get the results on the 27th I can kick start this work out thing again ...I got depressed there for a min and stopped logging but I see that mistake I did before I came back on ...

I still try to do leg lifts with my stability ball or march in place when I am sitting at my desk just to keep moving any other suggestions.

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