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CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,973
8/29/13 10:48 A

Personally I think you need more veggies. Try to have a serving of veggies at lunch and 2 servings at dinner.

8/29/13 9:10 A

Your diet is very healthy (way to go!) but for pure weight loss, you have a lot of sugar in there. Fruit at every meal and snacks might be too much. I would consider replacing two of the fruits with vegetables instead. Why not replace the 10:30 AM apple with celery? Just as good with peanut butter! Less calories and no sugar. Start small, and work your way.

And I agree with the other poster to replace the flavored yogurt with plain, then you can mix in that clementine you eat with that meal. If you did put this meal into your tracker, the sugar would be extremely high.

Something to consider.

Keep up the good work!

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8/29/13 4:05 A

First and foremost... I think you're doing awesome! Way to go!

replace dried fruit with fresh
5 servings veggies/day minimum
replace sugary yogurt with plain yogurt (add your own fresh fruit)
make sure the pb is sugar free
replace some of the carbs with protein for breakfast (ex: veggie omelet)

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,330
8/27/13 11:13 P

by your ticker you have lost 100lbs. if that is accurate, then part of it is that the lighter you are, the less weight you are going to lose at a go. in other words, the numbers just aren't going to go down as quickly as they did 100lbs ago and it's going to get slower and slower the more you lose.
how many calories is what you're eating? and how much fat is in there? you have a Tablespoon with your oatmeal, presumably some amount in the roasted red pepper, some with the chicken slices [which do you know the size of your slices? i know with cheese there is a pretty big difference between the thin and the regular and the thick slice, particularly if you're eating five of them], nut butter, cheese, and the bean salad [what's the ratio here? because these things can be oil soup with a few veggies tossed in or they can be heavy on the vegetable matter and quite light on the oil]. so what is that in grams.
you're getting 2 dairy servings, likely at least 2 protein servings [again it's going to depend on the size of those slices], 5.5 servings of fruit, and around 4 servings of grain depends on how much oatmeal you're actually using], which is dandy. but you look pretty darn low on vegetables. you might be getting part of a serving with the roasted red peppers, but quantity is going to be key in that one. same for the bean salad. plus those beans in that salad are kinda second tier veggies. yes, they can count as vegetables, but the point of eating veggies is to eat the rainbow in order to get the most nutrients. and beans like black beans, garbanzo beans, kidney beans really just don't do much to contribute to that as they are all pretty similar. so it looks like you might be getting maybe one or two servings of veggies, but that's it. so upping your vegetable intake would be a good thing. where your calories are would determine whether you'd need to add them on top of what you are eating or to replace some of what you are eating with vegetables.
some vegetables suggestions:
-skip the currants and use pumpkin to flavor your oatmeal.
-add lettuce and tomato to your sandwich
- instead of pickles, try chopping up some cucumber and maybe some tomato and seasoning them with pickling spices.
- instead of having your chicken on bread, have it on a green salad.
-swap out one of your fruit servings for a serving of veg

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8/27/13 8:56 P

I hate logging my food into sp tracker otherwise id direct you to take a look there but I'll quick jot down what I've eaten today and see if anyone has any tips. My weight loss has slowed way down and I think it might be due to diet. today was a relatively normal day in what I eat.

7:30am: oatmeal with 1 tbsp margarine, 2 tbsp dried currents (like raisins), 1 pack of Splenda
Medium peach

10:30am: 1md apple, 2 tbsp peanut butter

12:30pm: sandwich made with 1 slice whole wheat bread, mustard, 5 slices deli chicken, roasted red peppers
Clemintine orange
140 calorie Greek yogurt (blood orange flavor, yum!)

3:30pm: 1 cup grapes
1 cheese stick

6:00pm: 4oz chicken breast shredded mixed with low sugar bbq sauce put on 100 calorie deli round bread and pickles
1 cup garbanzo bean salad (beans, various veggies, oil, vinegar and a bit of parmesan cheese)

Later: 4oz wine, 100 calorie bag of popcorn

Please share input/thoughts and suggestions!

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