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10/11/13 12:33 A

I have had a very bad anxiety problem for several years and one thing I found that helped me the most was to just stop. During an anxiety attack there's usually something that triggers it, no matter how small it may be. A smell, a sound, a voice, an action. Anything can make it start. So, what I would do is just stop, remove myself from the trigger (i.e. if it is something in my house, then I go sit on the porch) and breathe calmly until it stops. Then I figure out why the trigger caused my attack. Once I figure that out I remind myself that what just happened isn't like what happened before. Then, I'm fine again. This takes a lot of time, practice, and patience, but in the end it can help you over come a LOT of anxiety issues. Good luck! And if you'd like to talk feel free to message me.

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10/10/13 11:05 P

Thank you JIBBIR49,

I will check out the books you mentioned.

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10/10/13 1:44 A

My brother has had anxiety & panic attacks for over 35 yrs. One book that he always says has helped him is "Hope and Help for Your Nerves" by Dr. Claira Weeks. She was from Australia. He also takes medicine for it.

Another good book is "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway" by Susan Jeffers.

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10/10/13 12:26 A

By following SparkPeople i am taking small steps in tackling my anxiety. I am thankful for the SparkPeople community.

Thank you.

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