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3/3/14 12:42 P

mattress quality makes a difference. got a Tempra-pedic mattress pad last year, really helped.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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3/3/14 11:42 A

How is your sleep hygiene?

As a chronic insomniac, there are several things guaranteed to keep me up all night. One of those is artificial light; put down the tablet, turn off the TV, and stay away from Sparkpeople. ;)

Artificial light stimulates the brain, and tricks our brains into thinking it's daytime. I use an app on my computer called f.lux which mimics natural daylight. I've gotten so used to it that when my computer starts or I have to turn it off, the blue light of the monitor blinds me!

You should be working with a medical professional on this; if someone's prescribing you trazadone, then they should be trying to find a way to help you with this.

Have a regular bedtime routine. This is a period where your body gets signalled that it's time to go to bed. I do this with my insomniac ADHD child. She has to have a routine, or she takes forever to go to sleep.

Avoid "nightcaps" -- while alcohol can indeed put us to sleep, it's poor quality sleep that degrades over time, and passing out isn't sleep.

I have to have a sleep mask at night. Even the tiniest bit of light stimulates me, and I can't sleep.

It generally takes me an hour or more to go to sleep, but without these tips? I'd be up until 2 or 3 am!

Some more tips:

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KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
3/3/14 10:40 A

Trazadone is a drug for anxiety that has a side effect of making you sleepy.

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3/3/14 10:35 A

Check out Emotional Freedom Tapping - a form of stress relieving acupuncture you can
do to yourself.

CJGODESS101 SparkPoints: (30,781)
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3/3/14 10:15 A

I'm sure you have read all the advice, don't take naps, no caffeine before bed, only use your room for sleeping, not watching TV. My guess is, you may have been inactive all day so your body was not ready for bed. When I can't sleep after a hour, I get up and read for about 30 minutes then try again. Also, isn't Triazidone (sp?) a muscle relaxant? If you do have problems sleeping, double check with your doctor to get a pill for sleeping only.

CGORNEY SparkPoints: (3,564)
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3/3/14 12:56 A

Have you cleansed? I found I started sleeping better after I started cleansing regularly... twice a month or once a week. Not sure why but it helped.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
3/3/14 12:21 A

I get the occasional sleepless night, thankfully, not all the time!

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (588,407)
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3/2/14 11:53 P

Online Now  • ))
I pray that you sleep well tonight!!!!! God bless you!!!!

2/28/14 7:36 P

Thanks for caring! I ate enough today to keep up with my activity level. Have a great day!

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (253,868)
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2/28/14 7:23 P

Make sure that you eat enough .... as in REALLY enough and not what you deem normal (which appears to be too little)

Kris xxx

2/28/14 7:12 P

Glad you slept well. I walked a lot today, more than 12,000 steps and will have chamomile tea tonight so I should sleep pretty well.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (253,868)
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2/28/14 6:34 P

Yep - New Zealand born and bread - LOL!

I had a WONDERFUL sleep last night. I woke briefly (my dog made sure of that) to let Scruffy out for a pee and her breakfast, then went straight back to bed and slept like a log ....... until MID-DAY :-)

I feel sooooo much better for it. It was the first time in nearly 2 months that I had to resort to a little help from a chemical aid - LOL!


2/28/14 6:31 A

SLIMMERKIWI You're in New Zealand, right? Of course.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
2/28/14 5:46 A

I have been sleeping pretty well lately until last night. I'm making a complicated quilt right now and worried over the math of it. I could not get it off my mind. I thought hobbies were supposed to be fun! I hope you sleep better tonight.

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SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (253,868)
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2/28/14 5:21 A

I had 1/2 Zopiclone about 1/2 an hour ago, so I am about ready to head off to bed now. Hopefully there will be MORE than a few zzzzzzzd's tonight (note the 'd' on the end? That my Kiwi accent, as in we don't say 'zee' :-)


2/28/14 5:17 A

Sorry you were in pain. I hope you get some rest. emoticon

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (253,868)
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2/28/14 5:11 A

Because our time-frames are probably considerably different (I am coming up to midnight to 1st March) I suspect that what I saw for 27th March is what you are referring to. That day you only consumed 927 calories, and only 40 grams of protein. It is quite likely why your sleep evades you.

Hopefully you DO get to nod off during the day. I know only too well what it is like - I had a night like that last night, but mine was pain related.

Take care,

2/28/14 5:03 A

I was up all night. Tried to sleep but even with Trazodone didn't make it. I tried the tryptophan containing foods but they didn't work. Maybe today I'll get to nod off.

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