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4/3/13 7:36 A

Maybe you need to slow down your pace? You might be less sore and you can probably get 10+ minutes if you go slower.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/2/13 10:14 P

Low-impact light workouts can help with the soreness. If walking it out the next day is only contributing, look up yoga, cycling, or swimming. :)

Generally it's safe to walk every day. If you're finding yourself challenged and still sore from yesterday's workout, try doing something lighter today and walk every other day. Build up!

4/2/13 7:23 P

Where are you sore?

In your legs? Or is it your feet?

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4/2/13 5:12 P


Walking is a low impact activity so you can do it daily, depending on how sore you are will depend on whether or not you should do it daily until your body adapts to the new activity. You may even receive some benefits walking when sore as the increase in blood flow may help facilitate your recovery. But it's fine to take a day off in between as well.

Coach Nancy

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4/2/13 4:54 P

i have just started walking i walked 4 days straight not very long about 7 to 9 minutes but i am sore!! do you need to space days in between or just keep walking everyday?

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