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2/23/14 12:16 A

I also agree that you need to look at your calories in vs calories out. You may be starving yourself through exercise if you don't eat enough. You should be eating upwards of 1800-1900 calories for sure I'm guessing. You also sound quite young to me, and being 30 now, I finally realized in my heart that what others think of me is not nearly as important in the long run as how I feel about myself aside from that approval. Some people never get past that and I pitty them, because you should want to feel good for you, about you, look good because you want to be your best in every way, not to impress people or get someone to like you who otherwise wouldn't pay any attention to you without knowing you at all. Why waste your time on such shallow people in the first place.

Perhaps finding another hobby besides exercise might also help, like art? Take a class or learn something else new, or volunteer for an organization that is important to you somehow.

Sending you lots of love and hugs, sounds like you need them.

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2/23/14 12:07 A

You say that you don't have fun exercising anymore and you don't want to get up because there's so much exercise to do. It sounds like the exercising is what is making you depressed in the first place. I think you need an exercise overhaul. How about in the next few days you make a plan of how you will find fun in exercise again. Find a new thing to do or better yet try a few different ways to work out for one week. For one week try a different thing each day and don't do your usual routine. It's not going to kill you, it's not going to make you not fit and it certainly won't make you gain weight. Mentally prepare yourself for making this 'temporary' change. You might just find a new way to exercise that IS fun, that you do enjoy. You can still spin a few times a week, but find something that is enjoyable to you for at least some of the days. Think Zumba, Swimming, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Biking (in the real world), Tennis, Squash, exercise classes other then spinning. Like I said, plan ahead, that way you won't have any excuses. If that doesn't work, consider getting hiring a personal trainer once or twice a week for a few weeks for some new ideas and on site advice.

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2/21/14 8:15 P

We can't tell you if you are exercising too much only you know that. 100 minutes a day seems like a lot for indoor exercise. I gave the advice of checking your resting heart rate and that use to work for me when I was training heavy for marathon racing. The other thing if you exercise seems to seem like a chore or it isn't fun anymore yes it is time for a day off.

Most cycling training programs have an easy week every 4 weeks and a running program has an easy week every 3-4 weeks.

Good luck on your journey.

NIKKISC2014 Posts: 18
2/21/14 7:07 P

I hate to be the one to bring this up... but this is sounding a bit obsessive. I would suggest looking into counseling.

When something becomes a chore and causes anxiety with almost unobtainable goals... thats a problem. I wouldn't worry much about gaining weight, more often than not what will happen isn't weight gain, but as mentioned, injury.

I workout quite a bit, the routines vary greatly - but it's all things I enjoy.
I just find it a bit concerning and worrisome that you are finding your becoming anxious.

If not counseling, maybe baby steps? One Sunday off every month, then every 3 weeks, every two weeks - and work yourself to that point where you are able to rest and you can hopefully slowly ease yourself from the anxiety. It's easy to get caught up in the notion that more is better, but sometimes, less really is more (: Good Luck!

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2/21/14 5:50 P

exercise should be about wanting to do it......looking forward to doing it........not HAVING to do it. I do group power weight lifting class 3 days a week and I look forward to doing it. I love the class and have so much fun. You should workout because you want to do it....and because it is good for not do it for anyone else but yourself. it is your body and you get to design what it looks like. worry about weight gain should not be the motivator for you....being healthy should be instead.

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2/20/14 8:47 P

One way to track your exercise program is to check your resting heart rate every morning. If it jumps over 10% you are training too hard and need to back off some.

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2/8/14 5:04 A

Regardless of whether you are doing too much exercise or not, here is something that may help.

"....scared of gaining weight if i stop exercising as much. but i'm unhappy now because each day i have this feeling of "i HAVE to do this much exercise or else..." and its not a fun feeling"

It sounds to me like there is a psychological component to your exercise, and that is how you feel about yourself if you don't do it.

You don't say how much you weigh, your height, or the calories you consume, so we don't know whether you UNDEReat for what you are doing.

I would be inclined to talk with your Dr about what is going on, and ask for a referral to a Therapist A therapist will help you change your mindset so that exercise isn't like a form of punishment or compulsion.

Also, I would be inclined to ask for a referral to a Registered Dietitian to ensure that you are getting the calories and nutrients that your body needs. Take some printouts from our Nutrition Report (hopefully you are using it?), because they are extremely useful.

Take care,

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2/6/14 5:43 P

I just want to stay in good shape and look good and feel good about myself. I feel like if i don't do the same or more amount of exercise as i did each previous day I will feel badly. It's not like i'm training for anything...just want to look good to everyone...and feel good to myself. I guess i'm just scared of gaining weight if i stop exercising as much. but i'm unhappy now because each day i have this feeling of "i HAVE to do this much exercise or else..." and its not a fun feeling

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2/6/14 5:40 P

It's a feeling like I HAVE to do it, and if I don't do it, then I will feel extremely anxious and very guilty. I don't really view exercising (unless it's playing a sport) as fun's like I wake up and don't look forward to getting out of bed because i have sooooo much exercise that i HAVE to complete.

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
2/5/14 5:00 P

"If I don't get at least this much exercise each day (except Sundays when I go a little shorter and less intense) I get depressed and anxious."

Why do you feel this way? What do you think will happen if you don't exercise as much? What results and goals are you trying to obtain?

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,783
2/5/14 3:48 P


I think the amount of exercise that's too much is going to be different for everyone. Here's an article on this topic you might find helpful:

If you feel like the amount of exercise you're doing is wearing you out more than anything else else or the amount you're doing is impacting your life in a negative way, then maybe it's time to re-evaluate whether or not you might have a problem.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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2/5/14 11:51 A

That doesn't sound like a ridiculous amount of exercise to me, especially since so much of it is low impact--cycling. You might see more progress, though, with a better mix of different exercises and more strength training instead of so much cardio.

I hate to take rest days too, but if I don't do so every two or three weeks, my body seems to find a way to force me to rest.

Exercise can be very helpful for depression and anxiety, but it isn't a substitute for therapy or medication.

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WAYCAT Posts: 1,012
2/5/14 11:09 A

SPORTEM713, if you have the time and inclination I invite you to read my Sparkpage.

It says it all really - I have gone down a steep slippery slope, and I'm still trying to climb back up.

I'd hate for you to start down that same slope......

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,452
2/5/14 9:21 A

If you are doing 100 minutes of cardio a day, then you definitely need to think about taking a day off every week or so. God rested on the seventh day, and so should you.

In terms of anxiety, I think it helps to think of this as a "Recovery Day", rather than a "Rest Day" - it is a chance for your body to catch up on all those little repair jobs, and will ultimately help you perform better than if you did exercise.

The biggest issue with overexercising is not so much weight gain, but fatigueing and injuring yourself. And if you have to take a few weeks off from exercise to recover from an injury, that can lead to weight gain.

A Recovery Day is a good investment in your health and fitness.


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2/5/14 7:21 A

Hello. I like to work out a lot because it makes me feel good...or rather, I get extremely anxious if I don't work out. Not only if I don't work out but if I don't exercise as much as I did every other day. I exercise every day with Sundays being my "easier day". I go to spinning class every day except Sunday (which is about 45-60 minutes per class). After that ill do some light cardio for another 50 minutes and lift for a little. So all together at least 100 minutes of cardio plus some lifting. If I don't get at least this much exercise each day (except Sundays when I go a little shorter and less intense) I get depressed and anxious. Regardless of feeling anxious am I exercising too much? And could this lead to weight gain even if im doing so much?

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