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I agree with Unident. When you joined, you should have input enough info for it to tell you what you need to do. The main thing to remember is that nutrition is 80% of the equation. You should measure and track to make sure you stay at a safe range and keep your foods balanced. You're on the right path for a good workout, but you do need to have those rests days to allow your body to heal. Make sure you keep a safe 1-2 lbs loss per week. Keep the faith.

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Good 4 u in wanting to change your body for the better. Just remember that it didn't take 5 minutes to put the weight on so it won't come off fast either. It is a life style change and not a diet. It's all about eating healthy and working out. If you focus on your nutrition and workouts the weight will come off. It can be done. Use all that sparks has to offer and good luck in this.

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2 pounds a week is a reasonable goal for someone who has a lot to lose. You may see that at first, but it will slow down. If you're running that much, 1200 calories a day is not enough. You will actually sabotage your efforts by eating this little. If you don't fuel your body, it becomes confused and worries about having enough energy, so it holds onto fat stores. Also, you need to add in heavier lifting or you loss will come from muscle as well as fat which will result in a "skinny fat" look. Trust me, this is where I'm at right now. 120 pounds, size 2 with a jiggle belly! Eat more, cut back on the cardio a bit, get some weights and lift heavy. ou should make sure to take rest days or you'll burn yourself out or get injured. The results won't be fast, but they'll be steady. For me, the key was to find a way to eat and work out that became a permanent change, not a quick fix. Once I told myself slow results were ok, I did much better than any time in the past. I've lsot more than I ever have before, and I have kept it off when I haven't in the past.

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You're on a dangerous path to overtraining, injury, and disappointment.

First off, WOW!!! You could do a solid 20 minutes of running your first time? That's awesome!!! But now that you've taken up running, don't do it every day. It's a VERY high intensity movement, with around five times your full bodyweight crashing through your hips, knees and ankles with every single step. Like you should also with strength training, give your body 48 hours between runs to recover.

Since you have a treadmill, does it do inclines? On alternate days you could use the incline setting at a walking speed to get some challenging exercise in while not putting that strain on your joints.

You also say you're doing "crunches/lunges/weights" for 20 minutes every day. Just like running, this should be every second day. Your body makes the progress you want it to with strength training when it's resting, NOT when you're working it. You need the 48 hours in between.

Why not do running one day, and ST the next day? This is healthy and if you desperately feel like you need more exercise you can do walking inclines on the treadmill after having done the run or ST.

Crunches don't build core strength as well as planks, and are a little more likely to cause injury with long term use. Look up how to do planks and do those instead. Side planks will kick your butt! LOL

Sorry, but 2lbs a week is an absolute maximum safe amount for a very obese person. You ain't. Sorry to tell you this, but if you want to lose 60lbs, that isn't going to come off at 2lb/week. You could lose a pound a week now, but expect when you get down to around 20lbs to go that it's going to be even slower then. For a 60lbs loss, I would recommend a full goal of 80-90 weeks. Hey, you took 3 years to put this weight on, you don't get to take it off overnight! :)

You also aren't nearly eating enough. 1200 is the mimimum for a slight and sedentary woman. You are neither. You're not obese enough to lose 2lb/week, but neither are you slight enough that 1200/day is safe and healthy for you, and with that much exercise as well, you're just starving your body.

Set your weight loss goal to a pound a week (oh okay, with 60 still to go you could try 1.5), and ensure your fitness goals page has an actual number of calories burned that you track weekly (adjust for not running every day!). This will give you a much more realistic range for healthily losing your weight slowly to keep it off for good.

Your boyfriend is right.

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Hello everyone : )
This is my first post in a forum here . I have a question that hopefully some of you wonderful people could answer for me :

I've recently decided to try and loose weight , 3 years after giving birth to my beautiful daughter . While I was pregnant I gained 90lbs ! Yea I know that is a lot and I'm not sure what my thought process was exactly but I guess in a sense I just assumed (dumb thing to do lol) that the weight would come off easily. I gave birth to my daughter via c section , and since then my abdominal muscles have been completely numb . It's like they're not even there some days . I've been so frustrated with this that any time I say : that is it today is the day I start eating healthy and working out ! , if I don't see results within a couple of days typically I get depressed and give up . NOT ANY MORE THOUGH ! : ) I still weigh roughly 190lbs , still 60lbs more then pre pregnancy . And I've realised that it's been 3 and a half years , I no longer have a valid excuse for this !

I purchased a treadmill for a decent price online and set it up in my spare room . I've been using it everyday and feel pretty great about it actually ! I also have an ab rocket which helps BEYOND belief with doing crunches and sit ups due to such a low core strength . ( I can not do a full sit up without this device) I started out by only being able to jog for 20 min which got me at 1.2 km .(btw I am 5'2 & 23 years old for what it's worth} I'm up to 15 min per km and can go for about 60 min giving me approx 4km usually a couple tenths or so over that .So I am indeed making progress .

My question is this : If I am 190lbs , 5'2 , 23 years old ,and my caloric intake per day is around 1200 (was much higher before, maybe double) . I run 4km -5 km / 6 days per week , and do crunches / lunges / weights for 20min 2 days out of those 6 days as well, plus drink TONS of water . How long before I start seeing decent results ? Am I being active enough , should I do more ? How long will it take me to loose the 60lbs I would like to loose ? Every app I install or site I join only allows the option of loosing 2lbs per week and I really would like it to not take THAT long considering I'm working my BUTT off !!! My goal is around late October , is that too high of expectations or can I achieve it ? My boyfriend thinks maybe I'm going a little too hard with the cardio but I disagree and I'm willing to do whatever it takes because I am sick of being depressed about my weight! Thank you in advance for any and all replies ! : )

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