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11/17/12 10:23 A

There is some miss information on this thread. There is "no" need to give up bread or wheat. What there is need for is a carbohydrate controlled diet plan, where carbs are spread into meals and snacks in correct amounts. This is where a diabetes educator can assist with an appropriate eating plan to meet your health needs.

I agree with the others regarding the accuracy of the information. Please do clarify with the health educator to assure that what you heard is accurate. A certified diabetes educator would be a much better resource than a health coach.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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11/17/12 9:27 A

1) Either you are misunderstanding her suggestions/advice.

2) Or - she is not explaining herself appropriately.

3) Or - she is not providing the appropriate information.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
11/17/12 9:12 A

I agree with others - that does not sound like a "health" coach.
I'd ask for credentials, and justification on that plan before beginning it

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11/17/12 8:59 A

ive up the wheat...wheat raises gloucose fast!

Cut Wheat Products From Your Diet And You Won't Be Hungry
Dr. William Davis says Wheat rapidly turns into sugar and accelrates aging and chronic illness in most of us. Whole wheat and white bread have essentially the same impact on blood sugar, which is to say you might as well be eating a big spoonful of sugar. Slices of whole wheat bread increase blood sugar to a higher level than a candy bar does. If you eliminate wheat from your diet, you're no longer hungry, cut out the appetite stimulant, and consequently you lose weight very quickly. The best choice is Rye Bread.

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11/17/12 5:40 A

I will add myself to the chorus of voices here telling you something isn't right with this advice.

a) this so-called 'health coach' has a vested interest in seeing you become very sick; or
b) this health coach has poorly communicated key details of a suggested plan to the point where you walked away with a bad plan.

The main problem is the advice about protein. You NEED protein. Of all the categories to track during a weight loss period, it is the most important when it comes to meeting your daily targets. While too much can have consequences, too little can be very serious. So, if your coach wants you to have no protein, I'll give this person the benefit of the doubt and assume they really meant no protein from the sources of unhealthy food you may be eating (a McDonald's Big Mac has protein, but is so loaded in other bad crap as to be not worth any benefits).

So, if the motivation was to get you off of fatty meats and the like, then yes there are other healthy protein sources such as beans, fish, chicken...even red meats are good as long as you understand what you are doing, cook them the right way, eat them in moderation etc.

What you really need to do is calculate, based on your goals, height, weight etc. what your minimum required daily protein amount is, and fit that into a healthy regime of veggies and fruits and good grains that isn't high in bad fats, fast-acting carbs, and sodium. You can do all this right here using your nutrition tracker.

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11/17/12 5:01 A

UNDER AMOUNT it tells the amount of protein in each vegetable . plus in another place I read a woman needs .36g for each pound of weight for 140 lbs need 46 grams of protein a day, but like like to use: half my weight in grams of protein a day and half my weight in oz of water a day. Use the second link first, forgot to use add a link.

A lady five foot tall is usually charted to be 100 lbs +5lb for each inch above
A man five foot tall is usually charted to be 106 lbs +6lbs for each inch above
plus 10 lbs if over 40 years old for woman
plus 12 lbs if over 40 for men.
so a woman 41 years old and 5'3" would be charted to weigh 115+10=125
man 41 5'3" 124+12=136

I think your health coach is talking about carbs like oatmeal or potatoes or slice of bread,
usually with diabetics that is counted as 15-21 carbs as 1 serving of carbohydrates, but also include milk and fruit serving in this catagory.

Most vegetables are like considered free that is why she is pushing eating them and if you read the links you will find you are getting plenty of protein eating them and plenty of other vitamins and minerals, then if you follow up with 1/2 cup servings of beans at least once a day it will help your nourishment to be completed and by adding a few nuts and seeds that will get you the natural fats you need. so I think she is doing you justice, to lower your number to try to get it 5-5.5 or under 6.

vegetable soup (home made especially is a different meal besides salad.
root veggies baked in oven with olive oil sprinkled lightly on them with sea salt & other spices, also
1/2 cup of green beans, 1/2 cup of beans, maybe onion celery, or mushrooms mixed w/ gb.
vegetable juice is refreshing, think V8 hot or cold
your two carbs how about 1/2c quinoa one meal or 1/3 brown rice, mixed with stalk of celery, 1 small carrot, one small onion, diced or shredded with seasonings you enjoy or/and herbs and even a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, or 1/4 cup of prego/spaghetti sauce

another carbohydrate could be 1/2 of cottage cheese, if you need a sweet mix your second carb with it like 1/2 of crushed pineapple.

hope this helps you to get a better understanding of what I think your health coach was trying to get across to you.

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11/17/12 4:21 A

I would ask what her Dietetic qualifications are - unless she is a qualified Dietitian I think I would ignore her and ask your Dr for a referral to someone who IS qualified in this line - AND your Insurance should pay it because they are the ones who are wanting these changes. You WILL get carbs from fruit and veges, so perhaps she means no processed carbs as in white bread, white rice, cakes etc. - THAT isn't a bad thing! The thing is, very low carb, and very low protein means that you will have a high fat diet. I would strongly suggest if you aren't already, weigh all of your food and enter it all into the Nutrition Tracker. That will help immensely where it comes to a qualified person having input into your nutrition plan. Just remember to take some printouts. It also helps a lot with your weight-loss because you can see where you are going wrong and adjust accordingly.


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11/17/12 4:16 A

wow that sounds like a load of very unhealthy rubbish to be spouting off.

Is she a registered dietician? I doubt it if they are called a "healthcoach"

Eating just vegetables is a fast track to being very unnhealthy indeed.

You need fats, proteins and carbs to LIVE, let alone to lose weight.

I would question this VERY seriously indeed.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
11/17/12 12:55 A

No carb and no protein? That is not healthy. Kick the health coach and eat a balanced and calorie controlled diet, using sparkpeople to track your calories. If you are eating nothing but salads I would guess you aren't eating enough and that could explain why your weight hasn't changed.

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11/16/12 9:39 P

Unless this health coach is a registered dietitian, she is not qualified to be giving you dietary advice to manage a medical condition.

SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
11/16/12 9:28 P

Health coach? I don't think I would use her advice. What's her certification?

11/16/12 9:24 P

I have a health coach from my insurance. She wants me to go on almost no carb( up to 2 serving a day) no protein and mostly vegetables and beans diet. My H1Ac is 6.8 and she wants me to try to bring that down. I am 4ft 7 and 139 lbs. She want my weight to be 100. Besides just eating salads which will get pretty boring soon what can I eat that will help? I am exercising. I exercised for 6 months and switched from white to wheat flour. I see no weight change and it seems that my H1Ac which 6 month ago was 6.1 to 6.8. I don't eat that much sugar. Getting really frustrated.

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