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SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
5/22/13 11:11 A

Ginny, I've done WW in the past and I know they had to tweak the program to avoid those kinds of workarounds. I would avoid trying those tricks.

GINNY9255 Posts: 14
5/22/13 11:09 A

I surely appreciate all of the responses from y'all:-) I understand about going natural with veggies and fruits and beans. My question however was based upon my membership in Weight watchers. The more fiber something has, the lower the point value. So, I am trying to figure out a way to add fiber to recipes that doesn't change the basic taste, so that the point value is less. I am not sure if that makes sense but that is where I was trying to go with the question. Thank you, again.

ROXIELU0422 Posts: 317
5/22/13 10:50 A

I also add beans to things I never did before. I have found a liking to kale and spinach too. Get all your fruits and veggies in and that will help.

LUNAMEOWER SparkPoints: (1,840)
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5/21/13 10:00 P

It is best to try to add real food to your meals as Becky said, for instance I add beans to many of my meals many recipes that don't necessarily call for beans can still taste great with their addition. I also try to eat cereal and whole grain breads with at least five grams of fiber or more and less than ten grams of sugar for the cereal. I easily get thirty grams a day of fiber and i'[m really not working that hard to do so just by try to have at least five grams at every meal and a few more with snacks.b Just try to find food with fiber that you enjoy and it'll become much easier.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,347)
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5/21/13 9:57 P

I puree veggies and add them to recipes for individuals who don't get adequate veggies and need more fiber.

Some things I recommend:
cauliflower pizza crust
zucchini brownies
spinach bars
spinach alfredo sauce
crustless pumpkin pie
pumpkin marinara sauce
spinach mini quiche muffins

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CHRISSYF3 Posts: 97
5/21/13 4:39 P

Chia seeds and flaxseeds are great!

5/21/13 2:20 P

Lots of fiber supplements aren't easily absorbed in the body. The best way to get fiber is to eat veggies!!!

5/21/13 1:29 P

I would first suggest that you focus on real food and aim for at least 20 grams of fiber daily.
Are you getting at least 5 large servings of fruits and veggies daily? This will benefit fiber intake, weight loss and more. How do you feel about beans---serveral servings a week. And substitute whole grains for refined grain products whenever possible.

SP Registered Dietitian

CRSHANSON SparkPoints: (10,109)
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5/21/13 12:20 P

Ginny, I'm no expert, but it seems like you could do that with a lot of recipes. The alternative I can see would be to add fiber to your diet through natural sources. For instance, instead of using white flour, sub 1/2 of the flour for whole wheat. Instead of using white rice, use brown, and of course, eat the peels of your fruits and veggies. Getting enough fiber is one I have struggled with in the past, (and often still do) so I feel the frustration. Good luck!

GINNY9255 Posts: 14
5/21/13 12:17 P

When I look at the stats for the recipes I have been wondering if adding some sort of fiber powder is possible to amp up the stats for the fiber count? Thanks

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