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12/5/12 7:55 P


ADAWG0914 Posts: 42
12/5/12 10:36 A

Wlat disney wold marathon coming up and training has been waining. Last weekend i went on a 12 mi run and this sunday i am planning a 20 mi run. I have mapped out my roun and currently planning my nutrition for the route. I have routed so befor the last long leg I am passing a gas station so I will be able to refill any water bottles or get any addition snacks to make it through.

ADAWG0914 Posts: 42
12/1/12 1:57 P

My day started off a little better today, Mentally preparing for a long run tomorrow. I am trainging for a marathon I januaray and this will be a traiing run, unfortunaltly I have not done a long run in about a month. I look at it as an adventure. I am heading out before sunrise and treking out 6 miles and by myself. I will have my hydration belt filled with water and gatorade and snack for the trip to keep my stregth up. I expect to be gone 2.5 to 3 hours. I have ran multiple half marathons so me completeing the run is not a concern but i stll have to prepare none the less emoticon

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11/30/12 2:53 P

again less the 5 hours of sleep. one would think i would get used to it. I know one day I will slow down enough to go tl bed early enough to ge more reset. there is light at the end of the tunnel though, I only have onemore day of over time and my days will be a little shorter. My weekend is just arouund the courner.

My diet took a hit today. With waking up late and going to bed late I did not take the time to prepare a decent lucn and snack. so I feel like I have eaten junk all day. I am keeping the calories under contrlol by tracking what i eat

ADAWG0914 Posts: 42
11/29/12 4:56 P

Im tired today. Not getting much sleep i have been working overtime taking a class after work and work a second job. Fortunately I do not have class until next week so I can go home and rest a little.

With as busy as I have been i have not been to the the gym this week. i am planning on getting to be earlier so i will be able to get up in the morning and go to the gym before work.

I have been tracking my food the last few days and have noticed I have not been eating as much, i have increase my water intake and decreased my sod intake.

I got my first post from another member on my page today. That was so endouraging. thank you 55Butterball.

Till next time stay Sparky

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11/27/12 10:13 A

Thank you i will take a look at it,

yesterday was a little better, I did not make it to the cycling class but I did get a 20 min walk in, It may be difficult for me to get to the gym today because i am working OT, have a class after work, and have a second job to go to. I will try to get to the gym to get a swim in before I go home for the evening.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,050
11/26/12 12:58 A

You can do it. Just don't quit.

Listen on YouTube to Richard Johnson M.D. "The Sugar Fix" as it is so helpful.

ADAWG0914 Posts: 42
11/26/12 12:33 A

Today was a good day. I made better food choices, still have from for improvement. I did workout today, I swam and walked. Planning on a cycling class and run in the morning.

My food choices need work and I really need to cut out soft drinks. Tomorrow is a new day and my focus will be to get in my 8 glasses of water.

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