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4/5/12 9:00 A

Yesterday I put both of my children in a wagon and pulled them over to the park and then on the way home my 3 yr old wanted to pull her 2 year old in the wagon. It was fun and a work out pulling a wagon and walking for me.

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4/4/12 9:43 A

You could pack a picnic and head to the local park. you can relax on the blanket while they run around and play. You could check and see if there are any toddler play groups in your area, or stroller walking groups. You could always check the local "Y" for dance classes, swimming lessons or tumbling. Or google search things to do with kids in your city, or a city nearby. Maybe there's some sort of children's museum or zoo to visit. Our local library does a story hour one morning/week with an activity afterward that coincides with the book. The kids have met lots of playmates that way, and sometimes it's fun to organize group activities for the kids, or you could start your own playgroup alternating houses, which would also give you some "adult-time" with the other moms, talking, having coffee, etc.

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4/3/12 5:54 A

Wii fit... you can have the kids set up their own "boards" (mine liked to use a blanket or a pillow and pretend they were exercising with me.

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3/31/12 11:54 A

Load everybody up and go for a walk? Play outside.

If your energy's low, you're probably not getting enough exercise, sleep, or both.

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3/31/12 9:20 A

DH works nights, so I've got the kids, but my energy is low. I want to rest and sleep, but the kids are needing to exercise too. Any suggests to get us up off of my butt?

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