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5/27/13 12:28 P

This mornign I was 9 pounds down! YAY! I still don't feel it so I must be losing from the inside? I'm not sure but as long as it keeps going. I've cut out most sweets and pop. I have splurged and drank a Diet Mt. Dew here and there, a few peices of starburst, but nothing like a full candy bar or deep fried crap.

Let's hope it keeps coming down. I'm starting up my Zumba games this week. One is scratched so I'll be playing the one that's not "Join the Party". my toddler dislikes it but I think its mostly beause she can't watch Toy Story.

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5/24/13 11:03 P



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5/24/13 9:55 P

Okay, closer to 7 than 9, but that's still great progress. Anytime I've tried to eat healthier I"ve lost 5 pounds and that was it. So this is good makes me feel good that I can do another 7.

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5/23/13 9:59 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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5/23/13 9:20 A


5/23/13 8:06 A

emoticon First, congratulations! I'm sure you will get better technical information, but start from the place that when we start loosing weight there is usually an impressive drop - mostly water. But that's great - it shows what you have to look forward to! Unfortunately, it goes both ways - you can have a great food and fitness day and gain a little weight. In the long run, stick with it and you will see and feel it. For me, it was when my clothes started feeling looser and I could fit into clothes that had been too tight. SparkPeople is really great for the long haul - enjoy the journey!

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5/23/13 7:51 A

According to the scale, I weighed 216.6 this morning. I double checked it incase the batteries were dying. I couldn't believe my eyes. I started at 225 and I don't feel like I've lost any weight. At what amount of weight do you lose when you start to notice? I don't feel different in my clothes so what's going on? I know your weight doesn't fluctuate 10 pounds at a time but only 2-3. Where's the weight falling off from?

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