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RTHOM28 SparkPoints: (2,255)
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1/23/13 4:24 P

Yep, the low in pack workout in the evening is working I have been sleeping so much better.
thank you all for you input some of your ideas I am putting to use also.

and one other really great thing I'm dropping weight faster..

emoticon emoticon emoticon

RTHOM28 SparkPoints: (2,255)
Fitness Minutes: (1,398)
Posts: 66
1/16/13 12:29 P

Thank you, thank you all; great tips.

I think I figured it out, I'm not getting enough activity during the day so I have a ton of energy at night so I'm not sleeping well in turn making me tired. so yesterday not only did I do my 30 min. workout I had to go pick up some cat food so I did a 20 min speed walk through wal-mart at 7:00 pm. then came home, relaxed that worked I slept really good last night. so am going to do a test between 6 & 7 pm do a low in-pack activity like marching in place for 15 to 20 min. and see if that will help. I will let everyone how it works..

NBISHOP3 SparkPoints: (1,106)
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1/16/13 11:59 A

I'd be careful with the melatonin - while it is natural, it can start to cause bizarre dreams and anxiety if you take it on a daily basis. To be more energized throughout the day, I'd recommend taking a B complex vitamin - so many people are deficient in B and it can really affect your mood and energy levels, plus it's a water soluble vitamin so you don't have to worry about it building up in your fat stores and creating a vitamin overdose - you just pee out the excess (which is why pee is neon when you take B vitamins). For better sleep, you could try the melatonin, but not every night. It's a good idea to pair it with valerian root, which also makes you sleepy, but just do this enough to regulate your sleep cycles, and pay close attention to your mental and physical reactions.

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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1/16/13 7:33 A

Yep the key is to be relaxed before you go to bed....KKKAREN has the right idea. Especially no TV......deep breathing is great as well.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
1/16/13 6:17 A

Give yourself at least 30 minutes of time to wind down before bed. No TV, low lights, soft music no running around doing last minutes chores.

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,139
1/15/13 9:56 P

are you coming down with something??

I have to watch my caffeine intake starting about 11am, or I can't get to sleep at night

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/15/13 8:19 P

I take melatonin too and it does help. I also take a warm bath before bed. I try to do relaxing things before bed too.

JOYCECAIN SparkPoints: (137,849)
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1/15/13 7:59 P

I have been tired for the last week.

SHARONSOWN Posts: 1,746
1/15/13 7:37 P

My doctor had me start taking melatonin. It's not a drug, so don't yell at me about prescribing without a license! And it doesn' t MAKE you sleep, it LETS you sleep. Big difference, and it works for me.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,705)
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1/15/13 4:49 P

Do you have the TV on ? If so, turn the TV off so that you aren't tempted to watch TV. Instead, try reading a book. Many people read before going to sleep. I find it relaxing.

Do you drink a lot of coffee or caffeinated drinks ? If so, try to stop drinking them a few hours before you go to bed. Caffeine can keep a person up. Try herbal tea.

Are you under any unusual stress at home, work, school, relationship ? A poor night's sleep can be traced back to high stress. If you're under unusual stress, then you need to find ways to reduce that stress. sipping tea is relaxing. reading a book is relaxing. taking a walk is relaxing. knitting or doing crafts can also help reduce stress.

What are you eating ? Some times a poor diet can cause a poor night's sleep. How late do you eat ? If you eat late at night, digestion could keep you up.

Just a few thoughts

PUNKYSMOMMY SparkPoints: (34,475)
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1/15/13 4:43 P

Don't know if caffeine is an option, but my choice of it is mio energy in a bottle of water. No calories and adds water to my intake. It doesn't keep me up or bother my stomach like coffee does though,

RTHOM28 SparkPoints: (2,255)
Fitness Minutes: (1,398)
Posts: 66
1/15/13 4:39 P

Sparks ppl.. I need some tips on how to boost my energy level and get more sleep at night the past couple days I just feel blah... so today I did a 30 min workout, but now I feel just wiped out I want to take a nap.
And when I try to sleep at night I lay there for quite some time before going to sleep, then I just keep waking up every couple hours stay awake for about 30 min. so I'm not getting good rem sleep.
Anyone have suggestions..

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