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8/3/13 1:44 P

I strongly agree with the previous posters.

Strength training = good
Tracking in your head = bad. You are probably not as accurate as you think. And ...
You can't out-exercise a bad diet. And ... Quality is as important as quantity.
Time = You need more time. It takes more than a week for your body to adjust to a new
Variety = You need more. Don't rely on just one activity to get in shape.

I do Zumba, too. I like it. But I only do it once or twice per week. I also use a kettlebell ... do some "in home" walking ... do some ballet, yoga, and pilates ... etc. Each type of exercise works me out in a different way and the variety helps me avoid becomming either mentally or physically "stale" and accommodated to any one particular form of exercie.

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8/2/13 2:53 P

When you say you're within your calorie range, are you sure your range is enough (especially if you're rounding up)? Many people feel that right around 1200 calories is not enough if you're active and report better results when eating a bit more.

I'd give anything at least a month to give your body time to adjust and to even out weight fluctuations.

Also look at doing body measurements too, to see if you are losing inches even if the scale isn't reflecting it.

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8/2/13 12:05 P

Yay,I too Love Zumba!!! But I also do kettlebells on the days I don't do Zumba. You can burn 20 calories a minute....Such a good workout..

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8/2/13 6:08 A

I think strength training is a great idea! They say that the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn.

If you're worried about "man arms" (which I'm sure you do NOT have!! :) ), try doing core strength training or legs strength training.

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8/1/13 9:17 P

Agreed with REYNINGSUNSHINE 1000% percent.

You can lose weight with 3 hours a week, or 6 hours; in fact, you have to eat more when you work out more, so the goal is to work out to what you can stick with, and adjust your eating to that.

You DO need to add strength training; with just cardio, as much as 30% of your weight loss can come from lean muscle mass. A program that doesn't include some kind of strength training is an incomplete one at best. :)

You don't get "man arms" from strength training. Honestly, if you're a women, you don't have the testosterone to bulk up:

As for your weight gain, it's possible that you didn't burn enough to compensate for overeating. Adding things up in your head is a guaranteed way to overeat. :) We actually really stink at eyeballing things, and I'm betting dollars to donuts you're probably eating more than you think you are. You need to be tracking accurately, weighing and measuring, and not relying on your head to keep track. Write it down keeps you accountable (and here on SP, gets you Sparkpoints!)

Intense exercise can also trigger temporary water weight gain. This is normal, and will eventually balance out:

Basically, our bodies are not calculators, and even when all the math adds up perfectly (which it almost never does anyway) there are still other variables at play.

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8/1/13 7:30 P

Weight loss isn't just about cardio... the bulk of weight loss is going to come from dietary changes. The simply fact is that while exercise is AMAZING for your health, it doesn't burn as many calories as you're capable of eating. A one-hour zumba workout can burn 400-500 calories, but it takes only five minutes to scarf down a medium order of fries to pile on those calories too. So while cardio is a good at burning calories, you need to be eating healthy to see weight loss. I see you have been doing this, but just a reminder!

Weight fluctuates all the time, by the way. My weight fluctuates about 2 lbs during the day, usually 3 lbs more during the month- and not from fat change! It's just related to water composition. It's possible you're retaining water, or you have more in your intestines, etc.

I would add weight training, absolutely. Without strength training, weight loss can be ~30% muscle loss (for me, it was actually about 40% muscle loss!!) and that is awful! Take it from somebody who has been misinformed and suffered the consequences... you don't want it. Building up muscle again has been even more difficult than losing weight. I can't seem to find the right balance even now.

Remember that this isn't about how quickly you can shed *weight.* It's about changing your LIFESTYLE so that you are HEALTHIER.

DARKANGELX387 Posts: 10
8/1/13 5:49 P

So I started zumba last week Thursday. I've been going every day for 1 hour except Sunday. Thus 6x already which should equate to roughly 3k calories burned as I put my all into it and come out dead and sweating each time. Is this enough to loose weight?

I weighed myself today and i'm up 3lbs!!!!!! I thought 3500 calories burned should equate to 1 pound lose? I have been watching my calorie intake like a hawk and stay within my calorie range (i am not good at inputting it here but I keep track throughout the day in my head and i round up just in case i'm off) issue is the 3 lbs after a week of pushing hard cardio.

Did anyone loose weight from just zumba going 6x a week for an hour per? Do I need to add weight training to this. I just assume all those people who loose weight running it's just cardio cardio cardio so I didn't add weight training since I have man arms as it is.

How long should I give it to see some weight lose by doing this much cardio? Any help would be grateful as I'm feeling bummed.

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